Legacy of the Dragonborn
SSE Version

The Reception Hall and Staff Barracks are located to the right of the Hall of Heroes. The Reception Hall has a few displays, as well as a door to the Explorer's Society Guild House. The Staff Barracks has beds for the Museum Guards, as well as a bedroom for Auryen Morellus. A stairway out the Staff Barracks leads to the Museum Storeroom and the Safehouse, while the corridor leads to the Curator's Office.

Reception Hall

The Reception Hall has a large dining table. The food on the table is not interactable, except for the Cinnaspice Cookie. To the right are displays, as well as the Macnarian Portrait from the Night at the Museum quest. To the left is an Explorer's Society display, unlocked during Trial of Trinimac.

Dining Table

Roasted Ox Head
Roasted Ox Leg x2

Archeology Displays

Nordic Archeology Display

Nord Tomb Relief Ancient Nordic Tapestry
Ornate Nordic Urn Ornate Nordic Cup
Ashking Crown Merethic Crest
Mark of the Five Hundred Nord Wedding Amulet
Dragonscale Coffer Totemic Brazier
Ancient Nordic Burial Shrine

Dwemer Archeology Display

Morrowind Dwemer Device Morrowind Dwemer Goblet
Morrowind Dwemer Bowl Morrowind Dwemer Pitcher
Dwemer Telescope Dwemer Compass
Dwemer Engraving Tool Dwemer Automated Apothecary
Dwemer Transcription Machine Dwemer Sphere Model
Dwemer Relief Carving Dwemer Royal Bust

Falmer Archeology Display

Snow Elf Pictoglass The Eldenroot Staff
Falmer Scepter Shrine of Y'ffre
Snow Elf Chalice Snow Elf Kulniir Bowl
Snow Elf Crown Falmer Hexing Shrine
Solid Bronze Tablet Snow Elf Urn
Snow Elf Crest Falmer Totemic Sconce

Staff Barracks

In the Staff Barracks are 5 beds for Museum Guards. There's also an oven, a cooking pot and a bedroom for Auryen Morellus. The Barracks have no displays.