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Available after completing 'Incursion', this quest will have to be completed to acquire the Staff of Indarys, and ultimately completing the 'It Belongs in a Museum' quest that started the questline.

How to start the quest: After completing 'Incursion', talk to Khulan and ask "Is there anything I can do to help?".

Join Khulan in finding the Topal Sea Pirate Base.

Immediatly the dialog with Khulan will turn the airship towards the Topal Sea island.

Find and free Jo'ran.

Leave the airship, kill the Argonian bandits on the island. It's straight foreward at the end you'll find Jo'ran who will want to stay and turn the island into a base.

Return to Khulan.

Once done go back to the airship and talk to Khulan, mving the airship to any other space should be enough.

Wait untill Khulan receives word from Jo'ran.

After traveling somewhere else talk again to Jo'ran to finish the quest. Now you can return to the Topal Sea Island to complete: It belongs in a Museum.

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