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The Arcanaeum in the College of Winterhold, on a shelf at the inner circular wall, to the left of Urag's counter. Appears during Much Ado About Snow Elves.



This is Awful

A Compendium of Dwemer Recipes

by Agol 'Another Dash of Brandy' Gromal, Scholar

Fungal Slop
1 clump of Glowing Mushrooms
1 dash of Brandy
1 dash of Brandy
1 dash of Brandy
1 dash of Brandy
1 dash of Brandy

[The first recipe carries on like this for several more pages. You flip through a few more pages and notice that ALL the recipes in the book seem to require what must be about a half bottle of Brandy. Who knew that the Dwemer were so fond of brandy? In any case, you determine that there will not be anything useful in this book.]


The display can take both the original and the replica.


Made at the Scribe's Desk in the Curator's Office with the following materials:


The Arcanaeum in the College of Winterhold

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