Looted from Aria the Whisperer in the Temple of Mara.

Crafting Recipe

After Aria the Whisperer has been defeated, it can be crafted at an Anvil of Zenithar using the following materials:


Requires Vigilant.

The latest update features "Weapon Arts", unique powers available while the weapon is equipped, for select weapons added by Vigilant. The Bard's Dagger bestows "Whisper", which increases the swing speed of weapons for a short time.


Aria the Whisperer in the Temple of Mara


  • Though no characters named Aria exist in the Elder Scrolls lore, The Whisperer is the name of a Spider Daedra that appears in 'Elder Scrolls Online' as a boss during the quest 'Deadly Whispers'.
  • Following the trend of 'Dark Souls' references n the mod, the rapier appears to be based aesthetically on the thrusting sword named Spider's Silk, which appeared in 'Dark Souls II'
  • Aria herself is modeled after the 'Dark Souls' boss Quelaag, a witch who was cursed into the form of a flaming half-spider demon.
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