Rakis is a Khajiit scholar involved in the Liberation of Elsweyr from the Thalmor.

His role in Legacy of the Dragonborn SE is part of the It Belongs in a Museum quest, but it varies depending on if you have installed Moonpaths to Elsweyr SE.

Without Moonpaths, Auryen will send the player to meet Rakis at the Explorer's Society Guild House where he will have docked the Dev Aveza. During your conversation he will give you the Staff of Indarys and is then assassinated by Ganllon Silinorin. Should you be able to kill Ganllon Silinorin before he achieves his goal and save the Kajiit, Rakis will give you the Dev Aveza as a token of his gratitude in addition to the Staff of Indarys.

With Moonpaths installed, Rakis will give you the Staff of Indarys at the Topal Base Hideout after completing the quest Rebuilding the Past. He will also appear in the Hall of Heroes a few days later to present you the Dev Aveza, just like in the classic version.


  • Vigilant of Stendarr outfit.




  • When not in use, Rakis can be found standing in the Utility cell.


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