A number of quests within Legacy of the Dragonborn are repeatable (radiant) quests. This page gives you information on those quests.

Main Quest Name Editor ID Description
Finders Keepers DBM_RadiantRelicQST A radiant quest that will send you to retrieve a new artifact for the museum.
One Man's Junk DBM_RadiantBookQST This quest is repeatable and can be completed about once every 24 in game hours. At completion, you get a random amount of spell scrolls, a rare book or a treasure map.
DBM Radiant Quest Handler DBM_RadiantHandler A 'hub' quest that controls the starting and ending of both Finders Keepers and One Man's Junk - allowing them to be fully radiant.
Kyre's Ore Prospect DBM_OreProspectQuest A controller for Kyre's ability to prospect different kinds of Ore for the player. Does not increase completed quest count upon completion.
Relic Hunt DBM_SextantHandler To start, use either Schneider's Sextant or cast the Locate Relic spell. If a trackable relic is nearby, the quest will show up in the questlog
Research Project DBM_ResearchQST A radiant quest that allows you to use your library collection to find the location of other books and artefacts.
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