Legacy of the Dragonborn

Main Quest progression in Legacy of the Dragon is tied in to your display count. Some quests require additionally completing previous quests. Display count can be checked at the Entrance on the left side.

Minor quests are triggered through finding certain items or reaching a certain point ingame.

Legacy of the Dragonborn Quests

Legacy's museum quests

Main Quest Name Description

Adding to the Collection

Quest that rewards the player at display count milestones.

An Interesting Prospect

This is the standard start quest for Legacy of the Dragonborn. It is skipped if using Alternate Start - Live Another Life and the Relic Hunter - Guildmaster Start addon which lead into variations of the quest 'Dragonborn Gallery'.

Dragonborn Gallery

The alternative start quest when using Live Another Life. Auryen gives the player 3 objectives, one of which kickstarts the main Skyrim questline.

Auryen Morellus and the Chamber of Secrets

Auryen Morellus and the Chamber of Secrets is a short quest that begins after discovering the Hall of Secrets reached through the Dragonborn Hall..

Night at the Museum / The Haunted Museum

Night at the Museum is an optional museum quest in which you face a mysterious entity that haunts the museum. During the quest, you will encounter strange anomalies and thrilling experiences, while revealing the museum's history.

Shadows of One's Past / Museum Heist

The quest starts after completing An Interesting Prospect or the Relic Hunter start equivalent and having reached a display count of 400.

Shattered Legacy

Byron will start looking for you after you have received the Sword of Ancient Tongues at 550 displays and completed 'Shadows of One's Past'.

The Ayleid Crossroads

When returning to the museum after having finishing 'Shattered Legacy', Auryen will come and talk to you.

The Vaults of Deepholme

After you have discovered Deepholme and established the Explorer's Society, this quest will be available.

Auryen's Notes Description
Dagger of Symmachus An untracked quest to retrieve the Dagger of Symmachus.
Cyrus' Saber An untracked quest to retrieve Cyrus' Saber.
Orgnum's Coffer An untracked quest to retrieve King Orgnum's Coffer.
Ice Blade of the Monarch An untracked quest to retrieve the Ice Blade of the Monarch.
Umbra An untracked quest to retrieve Umbra.
The Bloodworm Helm An untracked quest to retrieve the Bloodworm Helm.
The Warlock's Ring An untracked quest to retrieve the Warlock's Ring.
The Dragonmail Cuirass An untracked quest to retrieve the Dragonmail Cuirass.
The Fists of Randagulf A short quest to retrieve the Fists of Randagulf.
The Tools of Kagrenac An untracked quest to retrieve Sunder, Wraithguard and Keening.

The Explorer's Society

Starting at 150 displays Auryen has the dialogue option to talk about founding the explorers guild.

Main Quest Name Description

A Room with a View

After reaching the necessary display count of 150, you can ask Auryen about "Anything new happening?". He will tell you about founding the Explorer's Society and wants you to build the Explorer's Society Guild House while he's working on the Explorer's Guild Charter.

Digging Up Explorers

After completing A Room with a View, a letter from Auryen can be found on the Archaeology Skills table in the Explorer's Society Guild House. Reading it will start this quest.

Main excavations Description

The Excavation of Windcaller Pass

The Excavation of Windcaller Pass is the first quest in which the members of the Explorer's Society leave the museum together for an excavation. During the quest you will dig through and investigate Windcaller Pass.

The Excavation of the Ruins of Rkund

Second excavation, available 10 days after The Excavation of Windcaller Pass.

The Visage

After completing both 'Much Ado About Snow Elves' and 'The Excavation of the Ruins of Rkund' one can encounter the ghost outside Greenwall Cave, near Fort Greenwall (north of Riften).

Trial of Trinimac

The third and final excavation. Starts automatically three days after the end of The Visage.

Secondary Quest Name Description

Eternal Ice

Eternal Ice is a small side quest where you collect six Icy Shards in order to (re)create Hrormir's Icestaff at the Coldforge in Windcaller's Retreat. The quest can be started during The Excavation of Windcaller Pass.

A Path to the Heavens

The quest will start when you find the Dwemer Schematics in Karagas' Tower during the Excavation of the Ruins of Rkund.

Branching Out

Build an Explorer's Society outpost. Available after 'The Eye of Magnus'.

Branching Out... Again

Build another field station. Available after 'Escape from Cidhna Mine'. There is a week's delay after 'Branching Out' before the quest becomes available.

Branching Out... Ever More

Build the third field station, available after completing the Gauldur amulet. There is a short delay after 'Branching Out... Again' before the quest becomes available.

Tools of the Trade

After picking up Kamahl's Map from the Explorer's Society Guild House, the Dragonborn is given the location of a number of relics previously owned by great explorers and is tasked to find them.

Moonpath to Elsweyr

Quest Name Description
It Belongs in a Museum In this short quest, Auryen Morellus sends you on a quest to find the Staff of Indarys. The exact progression of this quest will vary depending on if you have Moonpath to Elsweyr installed.
By the Light of the Moon The quest that brings you from Skyrim to Elsweyr.
The Sweet Taste of Elsweyr During this quest, a number of side quests will be available. Some will reward displayable items for the museum, while others will drive the story forward.
Incursion An overlapping quest spanning multiple areas within Moonpath to Elsweyr. Achieving certain quest stages will lead to other quests opening up.
The Dinner Guest Erid'or needs help with dealing with a troublesome enemy.
Desert Style A side quest within Moonpath to Elsweyr that becomes available during Incursion, when reaching the supply post near Dune.
Rebuilding the Past Available after completing 'Incursion', this quest will have to be completed to acquire the Staff of Indarys, and ultimately completing the 'It Belongs in a Museum' quest that started the questline.
What shall we do with the drunken sailor? ID: Anvil_skullcatdialogue, has no stages and is just a mere dialogue quest with Skullcat.
A Gift from a Friend 5 days after the guild house has been built and after the Rebuilding the Past quest has been completed, Rakis will visit the museum with a gift. The gift is the Dev Aveza, the airship that will be docked behind the Explorer's Society Guild House.

Much Ado about Snow Elves

Quest Name Description
Much Ado About Snow Elves After completing 'The Lost Expedition', a courier will come to you after 2-3 days with a note from Calcelmo. Reading the note will start the quest.

Radiant Quests

Main article: Radiant Quests

A number of quests within Legacy of the Dragonborn are repeatable (radiant) quests. This page gives you information on those quests.

Main Quest Name Editor ID Description
Finders Keepers DBM_RadiantRelicQST A radiant quest that will send you to retrieve a new artifact for the museum.
One Man's Junk DBM_RadiantBookQST This quest is repeatable and can be completed about once every 24 in game hours. At completion, you get a random amount of spell scrolls, a rare book or a treasure map.
DBM Radiant Quest Handler DBM_RadiantHandler A 'hub' quest that controls the starting and ending of both Finders Keepers and One Man's Junk - allowing them to be fully radiant.
Kyre's Ore Prospect DBM_OreProspectQuest A controller for Kyre's ability to prospect different kinds of Ore for the player. Does not increase completed quest count upon completion.
Relic Hunt DBM_SextantHandler To start, use either Schneider's Sextant or cast the Locate Relic spell. If a trackable relic is nearby, the quest will show up in the questlog
Research Project DBM_ResearchQST A radiant quest that allows you to use your library collection to find the location of other books and artifacts.

Other Quests

Main article: Other Quests

Quest Name Description
Dragonborn Gallery (Quest) Alternate Start - Live Another Life, start-up quest. Note that the quest differs if you're using the Relic Hunter addon to ASLAL.
The Hand of Glory A quest to rebuild the The Hand of Glory.
Ongar's Kegbreaker Find a replacement for Ongar's hammer.
Back to the Drawing Board In White Ridge Barrow Sanctum the Imbuing Chamber is located in a side room. Picking up the Imbuing Chamber Design Schematics on the table next to it will start a simple quest to create a working replica that is installed in the Crafting Room of the Safehouse.
Lord's Mail Within the Penitus Oculatus Outpost in Dragon Bridge is a note pinned to the fireplace. Read this Writ of Execution to start the quest.
Guardians of the Divine The quest starts after finding any of the items or reading the book Lost Wonders of the Ages Vol. 3.
Gathering the Pieces ID: DBM_PQ_ListHandler , bunch of Dwemerjunk to collect
Quest Name Sanamia's Journals
Sanamia's Journals - Mzulft Reading Sanamia's Journal (1) found in the Smugglers hold of the Dev Aveza starts this mini excavation.
Sanamia's Journals - Fort Frostmoth Reading Sanamia's Journal (3) found in Dead Drop Falls starts this mini excavation.
Sanamia's Journals - Valthume Reading Sanamia's Journal (2) found in Broken Tusk Mine starts this mini excavation.
Sanamia's Journals - Lake Ilinalta Reading Sanamia's Journal (4) found in Arcwind Point starts this mini excavation.
Sanamia's Journals - Burial Ruin Reading Sanamia's Journal (5) found in Thirsk Mead Hall on Solstheim starts this mini excavation.
The Phantom Cache The Phantasmal chest randomly transports itself to 1 of 30 locations all across Skyrim and Solstheim every 24 hours. The location is randomly chosen, but the chest is very apparent and easy to spot, usually positioned above cave entrances or along prominent ridges. It emits a loud chiming sound like the chime sounds in the Temple of Kynareth, that can be heard from a distance making it easier to find while exploring.

Add-on mods' quests

The Lost Legacy of the Nine

This mod adds an unmarked quest to finish the armor as well as an official start for Legacy's crusader relics quest, and adds in a more lore friendly story of the 4th era Knights of the Nine. It is script free and as such should make it mergeable, but does still have a lot of work to be done.

Relic Hunter (Legacy and ASLAL addon)

This addon was newly released alongside Version 19. It is a variation on the Alternate Start where the player starts as the Guildmaster of the Explorer's Society. It skips A Room with a View and Digging Up Explorers and gives the player several explorer relics from the start.

Quest Name Description
Akaviri Rising The Guild Master of the Explorer's Society awakens after a nasty bump on the head to continue excavating an Akaviri tomb to retrieve a Relic and begin his adventure filling the Dragonborn Gallery with Auryen.