Legacy of the Dragonborn
SSE Version

The Planetarium is designed for the projection of 5 unique Dwemer starmaps. Its entrance is located at the far end of the upper corridor in the Hall of Heroes, to the right of the Library entrance.


The Planetarium is built during the quest A Path to the Heavens, prior to said quest the door will be locked. If asking Auryen about it, he will explain that the tower behind the door was sealed off due to massive water damage.


To use the Planetarium, activate the Starmap Receptable on the upper walkways to place a Planetarium Cube in it. It can be reached by using the lift at the wall to the east.

Note: The lift activators will appear as doors labeled "Planetarium" on the local map, don't let that confuse you.

If you have more than one Cube in your inventory, a popup message appears which lets you choose the Cube to place. Step back, relax and enjoy the view!

To deactivate the Planetarium, simply activate the Starmap Receptable again, the Cube will be put back in your inventory.

Cubes which can be used

Cube views