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The Phantasmal chest randomly transports itself to 1 of 30 locations all across Skyrim and Solstheim every 24 hours. The locations are completely random but the chest is very apparent and easy to spot, usually positioned above cave entrances or along prominent ridges. It emits a loud chiming sound like the chime sounds in the Temple of Kynareth, that can be heard from a distance making it easier to find while exploring.



The Phantom Cache can be started by finding Sanamia's Journal (6) found inside a knapsack at a Riekling camp on one of the small island clusters north of Solstheim, which is also incidentally Sanamia's place of demise. The quest will auto complete when discovering the chest, even if the journal was not found. The text of the journal itself gives hints of 2 possible locations the chest can appear in; Angarvunde, and Arc wind pass.

When the chest is activated, it will add a novice conjuration spell "Summon Phantasmal Chest", which will place the chest at your location for a few seconds to allow use of the chest. When it disappears, it is stored in a utility cell.


These are based on the references and only show the Cell where the chest can be found. For detailed pictures, see below.

01 Skyrim outside
02 Skyrim outside
03 Skyrim outside
04 Skyrim outside
05 Skyrim outside
06 Skyrim outside
07 Skyrim outside
007 Skyrim outside
08 Skyrim outside
09 Bloated Man's Grotto
10 Blind Cliff Cave
11 Brinewater Grotto
12 Darkwater Pass
13 Deepwood Vale
14 Ancestor Glade
15 Solstheim outside
16 Solstheim outside
17 Solstheim outside
18 Solstheim outside
19 Solstheim outside
20 Solstheim outside
21 Eldergleam Sanctuary
22 Fallowstone Cave
23 Frostmere Depths
24 Karthspire Redoubt
25 Labyrinthian Tribune
26 Pale Pass
27 Red Eagle Redoubt
28 Shadowgreen Cavern
29 Skuldafn

Location pictures


Arc Wind Pass

Bleak Falls Barrow

Brinewater Grotto

Fallowstone Cave

Lost Valley Redoubt

Solitude Lighthouse

Stonehill Bluff

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