Legacy of the Dragonborn
Legacy of the Dragonborn
Classic Version

There are many places throughout the museum where you can display the Paintings you find or buy in your travels.



In total, there are 91 painting displays in 4 areas of the museum:

Breaking down to:
The Library (7)

  • 6 to the left of the Jewelry cabinet, unless you have Amulets of Skyrim and its Legacy patch active in your game, which disables those 6 displays to make room for the Amulets of Skyrim jewelry cabinet
  • 1 on the wall along the stairs leading to the Armory

Culture and Art Gallery (29)

  • 6 in the south east corner
  • 10 in the south west corner
  • 7 in the north west corner
  • 6 in the north east corner

The Safehouse (4)

  • 3 in the living room. 2 against the west wall, 1 above the sell pile cart. The location above the sell cart can be difficult to reach
  • 1 in the kitchen above the open cupboard

Hall of Heroes (51)


Most general stores sell paintings, and there are many to be found in dungeons all across Skyrim. The number of paintings sold by a general store is random. It can be either 1, 2 or none, it differs from playthrough to playthrough. Paintings can also randomly be found in boss chests and in containers in houses (like chests and cupboards).

Fixed locations

A total of 32 can be found: