Short quests you will run in to, within the world.

Auryen's notes

Every couple of days (around 10 days a Journal or note will appear in the currators office. Reading them activates a quest without quest markers that will lead to new items for the Museum. If one has already acquired the items before reading the note and put them on display, then picking up the item from it's display should finish the quest.

In order of appearance:

Quests found in the world of Skyrim

  • The Hand of Glory - Gather components and remake the legacy hand of glory. Begins with "Greigor" at the dark brotherhood sanctuary
  • Ongar’s Kegbreaker - Find Ongar Brewer in the Nightgate Inn, and find a replacement for his hammer.
  • Back to the drawing board- A schematic found on the desk next to the Imbuing machine in White

Ridge Barrow will begin a quest to gather supplies and construct your own imbuing machine in the safehouse

  • Lord's Mail - A writ of execution at dragon's bridge in the Penitus Occulatus outpost office will start the quest.


Relics of the Crusader - The book "Lost wonders of the ages v3" will document the story provide clues about the location of the relics of the crusader.

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