Legacy of the Dragonborn
Legacy of the Dragonborn

After recruiting the explorers, Latoria offers an extra service. This quest is repeatable and can be completed once every 24 ingame hours.

Classic: At completion, you get a random spell scroll, a rare book or a treasure map.

SSE: At completion, you get a random amount of spell scrolls, rare books or treasure maps, depending on how many ruined or burned books you gave her.

Gather and return any ruined books to Latoria.

Classic:: Collect 20 ruined or burned books and bring them to Latoria in the Explorer's guild. Any combination of ruined and burned books works.

SSE: There's no limit to how many ruined or burned books you can give to Latoria at once, she will take any multiples of 20.

A good place the find some is in Nightcaller Temple. There are close to 300 burned books here. Another place is Fellglow Keep, where over 100 ruined books are found.

Give Latoria a day to decipher the ruined books.

It takes her 24 hours, the quest will automatically update to the next stage.

Return to Latoria and see what she's discovered

Return to pick up your reward (or multiple rewards with more than 20 ruined or burned books). You can immediately give her another batch of ruined books to start the quest again.

Possible rewards


Treasure Maps

Scrolls & Spell Books

  • All vanilla scrolls and all spell tomes can be rewarded based on the default leveled lists drop rates. Any items added to leveled lists can also be rewarded.

Quest Stages

One Man's Junk (DBM_RadiantBookQST)
Stage Journal Entry

Objective : Gather and return ruined books to Latoria


Objective : Give Latoria a day to decipher ruined books.


Objective : Return to Latoria and see what she's discovered.

[Side Note] If you don't like quest always staying in your journal, you can type:

(V4): completequest DBM_RadiantBookQST
(V5): completequest DBM_RadiantRuinedBooks

in console. You can safely restart it later by giving Latoria more books.