Gallery of Natural Science during the quest Night at the Museum.


10th of Frostfall

Progress on the new temple is moving along quite well. Labor issues are minimal but supply problems plague me at every turn. You wouldn't think that quarrying stone could be any harder in the frozen north than anywhere else in Tamriel, but the hardened ground is in fact making it difficult to pry the larger stones free for breaking them down into blocks. We've exhausted most avenues here and are having some stone brought in from Markarth, though it will take some time. We did uncover a nice deposit of marble, though, not substantial enough for construction but I will save it for a statue, perhaps. The statue of Talos is completed already so perhaps I can use the marble for a gift or dedication of the building.

I'm told that the building will be named for us and called Macnarian Hall. A painting was commissioned, and as much as I hate sitting still for so long, I have obliged them and a painting was made. It will be nice to have my portrait up to commemorate the great efforts here, but I have other plans of commemorating the achievement.


Gallery of Natural Science

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