The Midden Dark in the circular room with the metal gauntlet on the table.


Dear Savos

Recently I had a visit of Idrass Hlas, oldest son of the Hlas family. He came to me with the request to keep safe a blade he inherited from his late father, the great Indralis Hlas who passed away not 2 months ago. Young Idrass told me the blade is twisted and he does not want it near him or his family. He did not say so, but I strongly assume the blade was involved in his fathers death. Idrass would like to get rid of or destroy the blade, but is reluctant to do so since it is a family heirloom. The blade possesses a.. curious magical power, and as such, Hlas came to me for studying and safe keeping the blade.

I did a short study of it and have concluded this is the powerful BiPolar blade of lore. The decoration on the blade illustrates the twisted nature perfectly. It seems the weapon has a mind of its own, deciding on it's own to send its target either into a blood frenzy or a calm state of mind. I am no weapon expert, but it is clear this blade is dangerous in the wrong hands. Therefore, I send it to the college. You can keep it safer there than I can. Store the BiPolar Blade somewhere safe where none will touch it, but don't destroy it. Lets not rule out the possibility of Hlas coming to claim it at a later time.

I trust you will know what to do.

Your friend, E.D.


The Midden Dark

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