Looted from Morihaus after defeating him at the Barrier Tower of Bala.

Crafting Recipe

After defeating Morihaus it can be crafted at an Anvil of Zenithar using the following materials:


Requires Vigilant.

The latest update features "Weapon Arts", unique powers available while the weapon is equipped, for select weapons added by Vigilant. The Greatsword bestows the "Skullbreaker" power, which deals colossal damage with a downward swing, pushing enemies back, at the cost of 160 Magicka.


Morihaus at the Barrier Tower of Bala


  • Morihaus was a bull-headed demiprince and the husband of St. Alessia who fought alongside her during the Alessian Rebellion. Together they had a child, Belharza, the first Minotaur.
  • Design-wise, the sword bears a resemblance to the massive Dragonslayer used by Guts, the main character from the dark fantasy manga/anime series Berserk. Ironically, despite it's name, it has not been used to fight a dragon, much less kill one, as Guts instead spends most of his time fighting demons.
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