If you have the mod More Interesting Loot active, this side room to the Hall of Oddities will be enabled.

Below is a list of the items that can be displayed in this room, starting from the left.

Left side

More interesting loot room 1

1st Display Case Group

Gold Candlestick (1) Gold Candlestick (2) Gold Candlestick (3)
Gold Bowl (1) Gold Plate Helmet (1) Golden Ivory Crown
Gold Jug Gold Plate Gold Bowl (2)


More interesting loot room 2

Golden Armor and Weapons Display

Golden Jewelled Greatsword
Golden Jewelled Battleaxe
Golden Jewelled Greatscepter
Golden Jewelled Sword
Golden Jewelled War Axe
Golden Jewelled Scepter
Golden Jewelled Dagger
Gold Plate Shield
Gold Plate Helmet (2)
Gold Plate Armor
Gold Plate Boots
Gold Plate Gauntlets

Right side

More interesting loot room 3

2nd Display Case Group

Gold Platter
Gold Goblet (1) Gold Goblet (2)
Dovahkiin Egg with Stand Dovahkiin Egg
Golden Dragon Necklace Dragon Gold
Golden Jewelled Chalice Golden Egg

SPOILER list - How to get all items

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