Legacy of the Dragonborn
Legacy of the Dragonborn


Pilgrim's Trench, in the cabin of the biggest ship, below the skeleton holding Merrian's Spyglass.


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4th of Sun's Dawn

We’ve gotten passage aboard the Silver Swift bound for Skyrim. People say that the sea of ghosts is haunted but I think that’s a bunch of Nord superstition. The skies have been fair and I hope the rest of the journey is uneventful

7th of Sun's Dawn

A few days have passed without much event. The crew is largely accommodating and polite, aside from that one Dark Elf Borlyn who keeps making passes at me. One of the other crewmen has told me he's harmless but hell keep a watch nonetheless which I appreciate.

8th of Sun's Dawn

Last night people were up and about and I could hear the bell on deck ringing and calling sailors to their stations. The seas were unusually calm. I went up on deck to see what the commotion was all about when I walked by what I swore was a Callovian woman in a wedding gown, glowing in the moonlight. I rubbed my eyes and looked a second time and saw nothing. Must still be half asleep.

9th of Sun's Dawn

I've awoken to the sounds of echoing screams, by Azura did someone fall overboard? I rush out of bed and see out upon the foggy banks of the still sea, the shapes of ghostly figures. The ship captain orders the helmsman to bring the ship about and take a longer route around the fog bank and ghostly visages but it’s too late. Suddenly and out of nowhere a massive wave hits the ship and everyone is ordered back to their cabins. One of the sailors comes up and tells me to take refuge in the main cabin as it’s now too rough to make it across to the hold of the ship. He closes the door and I sit myself in the corner by a chest and shelf and hope to wait this out. I do hope it is over soon and we land safely where I can once again take my strolls upon the shores of the beach and comb for treasures and view the sights with my trusty spyglass


Pilgrim's Trench