Legacy of the Dragonborn
SSE Version

Your main bedroom.

The door at the western wall leads to the Bathing Room. To the right a Book Return is located; and above the desk, a tapestry conceals a little switch that causes a hidden wall panel to open and reveals the entrance to the Hidden Treasury. The Treasury can store septims, gems, ingots and some other valuables and will dynamically display your wealth up to a value of 2 million.

At the northern wall you'll find the "Dovahcloset". It can be used to sort gear and costumes and to quickly change between preset outfits. This closet system consists of 18 drawers and two activators. One activator will sort your currently equipped outfit into the chosen drawer via a menu, the other activator will equip the contents of the chosen drawer from a menu list. You can also manually fill the different drawers.

If Cloaks of Skyrim is installed, a door is added to the right of the closet which leads to the Cloaks Dresser.

Eastern and southern wall

At the eastern wall a generic Clothes dresser, a Jewelry Cabinet and other storage containers are found which can be filled as you see fit. The main bed is also located here.

The southern wall features the Fate Card Collection which can serve as an intermediate storage for Fate Cards. To the right of it a Fireplace is located which can be lighted by using 4 Firewood.

If The Curator's Companion is installed and its Achievement system activated, displays for the unique rewards are added to the right of the bed and above the fireplace. An Achievements Rewards chest is placed on top of the Fate Card Collection, it will contain gold when unlocking an achievement. Note that the unique items do not spawn in the chest, they will appear somewhere in the museum.

The Curator's Companion displays

TCC Display 1.webp
Next to the bed
TCC Display 2.webp
Above the fireplace
The Adventures of Auryen and Patero Vol. 3 Staff of the Curator
Backpack of the Curator Shield of the Curator
Mini Fafnir Blade of the Curator
Cloak of the Curator