Reward for completing the quest 'The Book of Wonders'. Found in a sealed vault in the floor of Silent Moons Camp.

Random Skill-Up Ability (V5 Only)

The codex gives you the ability to study and gain one random skill point for every 20 locations you discover (adjustable in the MCM menu). Simply choose 'Study' from the menu that appears when using the codex ability.

Installed Mods Related Abilities

The codex will have a number of different abilities based on your installed mods. These can be used once per day.

  • Falskaar - Reveal an undiscovered map marker on Falskaar.
  • The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal - Reveal an undiscovered map marker in Hammerfell's Desert
  • Wyrmstooth - Reveal an undiscovered map marker on Wyrmstooth.
  • Skyrim Unique Treasures - Reveal the location of a treasure chest containing valuable loot.
  • Aethereal Weapons and Armor - Chance of finding Aetherium Ore and Ingots in Dwemer boss chests for 24 hours. (In V5 it is a 30% chance of finding ore and 5% chance of finding ingots.)
  • Fossil Mining - 5% better chance of finding fossils while mining or excavation for 24 hours. (In V5 it is a 10% better chance.)
  • Captured Fairies - After collecting 12+ of the Fairies, gain the "Friend of the Fae" ability, making predators and spriggans non-hostile for 24 hours.
  • Something Fishy - After collecting 8+ of the Fish Bowls, gain 50% faster swimming and waterbreathing for 24 hours.


  • In Classic Skyrim, if no supported mods are installed, this book has no special abilities.


Silent Moons Camp

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