This is a list of all MCM checklists in the order they appear in game.

Hall of Heroes 1 Hall of Heroes 2 Upper Gallery Daedric Gallery Hall of Lost Empires Hall of Oddities Hall of Secrets Library 1 Library 2 Library 3 Library 4 Gemstone Collection Tidepool Display Armory 1 Armory 2 Armory 3 Armory 4 Armory 5 Jewelry Unique Treasures Great Jar Hunt More Interesting Loot Trophy Heads Fish Bowls Mad Masker Aetherium Collection Captured Fairies Falskaar Items Gray Cowl Items Immersive weapons/Armor Items Konahrik's Accoutrements Items Wheels of Lull Items Wyrmstooth Items Artifacts of Boethiah Items Oblivion Artifacts Pack Items Amulets of Skyrim Items 1 Amulets of Skyrim Items 2 Cloaks of Skyrim Skyrim Underground Royal Armory Elemental Dragons

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