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The 3rd floor of the Library is dedicated to treasure maps and rare books. The pictures on this page are outdated, the books/descriptions are up to date.

There are also two painting spots.

Below is a list of all the books and maps that can be displayed on this floor (starting from the left of the door). They are divided up and arranged the way they are in game.

First Display Group

1st Wall Display

Treasure Map II
Treasure Map III

Wall Display above 1st Books Display

Map of Dragon Burials
1st Books Display

1st Books Display

Ayleid Inscriptions and their Translations The Cantatas of Vivec Dwemer History and Culture (1) The Book of Dawn and Dusk Etiquette with Rulers The Faerie Fellowship of the Temple
The First Scroll of Baan Dar Harvest's End Knightfall, Tales of Heroism and Chivalry Homilies of Blessed Almalexia Legions of the Dead The Light and the Dark The Lost Prophecy
Bark and Sap Manifesto Cyrodiil Vampyrum Mara's Tear Master Zoaraym's Tale Mysticism, The Unfathomable Voyage Nerevarine Cult Notes Of Jephre
The Book of Rest and Endings Chaurus Pie: A Recipe The Origin of the Mages Guild The Prophet Arden-Sul, Vol. 02 Progress of Truth Realizations of Acrobacy Reflections on Cult Worship

2nd Wall Display

Treasure Map VI
East Empire Shipping Map

Second Display Group

3rd Wall Display

Treasure Map VIII
Deathbrand Treasure Map
2nd Books Display

2nd Books Display

Book from Kagrenar (Ancient Dwemer Tome or Memories of Dorana, requires Moon and Star) The Story of Lyrisius (requires Artifacts of Boethia) The Doors of the Spirit Forge, Hammer and Anvil Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi On the Great Collapse Imperial Report on Saarthal
Nerevar at Red Mountain A Type of Zero Still to be Discovered Hanin's Wake The Tale of Dro'Zira Nchunak's Fire and Faith Lycanthropic Legends of Skyrim Treatise on Ayleidic Cities
The Night Mother's Truth The Pig Children The Red Book of Riddles Varieties of Daedra Cosmology The True Nature of Orcs Et'Ada, Eight Aedra, Eat the Dreamer
KINMUNE Ahzidal's Descent An Accounting of the Scrolls The Alchemist's Formulary What My Beloved Taught Me Magne-Ge Pantheon The Posting of the Hunt

4th Wall Display

Treasure Map X
Treasure Map VII
Saint Jiub's Opus Display

Saint Jiub's Opus Display

Saint Jiub's Opus

5th Wall Display

Treasure Map V
Treasure Map I

Third Display Group

3rd Books Display

3rd Books Display

The Nirnroot Missive Shor, Son of Shor Capn's Guide to the Fishy Stick The Legacy of Dwemer Paragons Oelander's Hammer Hiding with the Shadow Empty
A Scholar's Guide to Nymphs The Sage The Ebon Arm Ark'ay the God of Life and Death Followers of the Gray Fox Spirit of the Daedra Sermon Zero
Arkay the Enemy Ashland Hymns Bible of the Deep Ones Saint Nerevar Blasphemous Revenants The Bothdorji Scroll Confessions of a Thief
The Eastern Provinces An Elytra's Life Famed Artifacts of Tamriel Heavy Armor Repair The Five Tenets Fundaments of Alchemy Guylaine's Architecture of the Second Era

4th Books Display

4th Books Display

Dominion Prism Textract How Beautiful You Are That You Do Not Join Us On The Nords' Lack of a Creation Myth The True Purpose of Tamriel The Tsaesci Creation Myth The Prayers of Baranat Silence
Saryoni's Sermons The Seven Curses The Seven Visions The Ten Commands of the Nine Divines Vivec and Mephala The Warp in the West Way of the Exposed Palm
Light Armor Repair Lost Histories of Tamriel Modern Heretics On Lycanthropy Saints and Seducers Special Flora of Tamriel Zainsubani's Notes
The Five Hundred Mighty Companions or Thereabouts of Ysgramor the Returned The Water-getting Girl and the Inverse Tiger The Dreadful Theft of the Sun's Dusk Ale The Many-Headed Talos Histories of Strange Pre-Marriage Imperial Census of Daedra Lords Lament for Pelinal

7th Wall Display

Treasure Map IV
Mercer's Plans
5th Books Display

5th Books Display

Empty The Path of Transcendence History of Lockpicking The Liturgy of Affliction The Shivering Apothecary We Were Yokudans [Empty]
Notes on the Lunar Forge The Alik'r The Book of Fate Atlas of Dragons Ruminations on the Elder Scrolls Lusty Argonian Maid Folio Forbidden Lore
The Song of Return: Skyrim, a Preamble The Black Glove Children of the All-Maker Fall of the Snow Prince Final Lesson Flight from the Thalmor The Falmer: A Study
Ghosts in the Storm Short History of Morrowind The Rise and Fall of the Blades The Consolations of Prayer Great Harbingers Dwemer History and Culture (2) Death of a Wanderer

Wall Display above 6th Books Display

Treasure Map, Velehk Sain's
6th Books Display

6th Books Display

The Sultry Argonian Bard, Vol. 1 The Anticipations Trap Varieties of Faith in the Empire Where Were You When the Dragon Broke The Four Suitors of Benitah On Oblivion
Nu-Mantia Intercept The Madness of Pelagius Magic from the Sky Opusculus Lamae Bal Physicalities of the Werewolf The Dragon Break The Apprentice's Assistant
Shezarr and the Divines Songs of Skyrim Songs of Skyrim: Revised Sovngarde: A Reexamination On Stepping Lightly The Third Door Wraith's Wedding Dowry
The Dragon War There Be Dragons Dragon Language: Myth no More Amongst the Draugr Changed Ones Confessions of a Khajiit Fur Trader Alchemical Recipes

8th Wall Display

Treasure Map, Fort Neugrad
Treasure Map IX

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