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The 2nd floor of the Library is mainly dedicated to displaying Treasure Maps and books that do not have a display of their own. There are several bookcases you can fill as you see fit and several displays for treasure maps.

The second floor of the library is connected to the 1st floor of the Library and the 3rd floor of the Library through a stairway.

Below is a list of all that is to be found on this floor of the library, starting from the left of the door.

Left of door

1st Wall Display

Treasure Map XIX
Treasure Map XX

Book returns case.

Door to the Dragonborn Hall.

Card Catalogs.

Skill Books.

2nd Wall Display

Treasure Map XXIV
Treasure Map XXV

Spell Tomes.

Across from door

Numerical Titles.

3rd Wall Display

Treasure Map XXI
Treasure Map XI
Treasure Map XII

4th Wall Display

Treasure Map XXII
Treasure Map XIII
Treasure Map XIV

Bookcase A-G.

Right of door

Bookcase H-L.

5th Wall Display

Treasure Map XXIII
Treasure Map XV
Treasure Map XVI

Bookcase M-R.

Bookcase S-Z.

6th Wall Display

Treasure Map XVII
Treasure Map XVIII

SPOILER list - How to get all items

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