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The 1st floor of the library consists mostly of bookshelves and displays for common books, but there are also a Jewelry Display and a spot for the Dragonstone, as well as a door leading to the Curator's Office.

Immediately to the left when entering the area with the stone staircase, there is a hatch leading to the Books Stack area. In the staircase area you will also find doors leading to the Dragonborn Hall on both the first and second floor. The staircase goes up to the second and third floor of the Library.

Another stairwell leads past the Jewelry Display up to both the hidden Safehouse entry and the entry to the Armory. To the left of the door to the Armory is a quest display for the Bard's College that activates after collecting all three instruments.

Most of the books you can display on this floor of the library are easily obtainable throughout Skyrim, found randomly in loot or lying in the open, and most are also sold by general goods vendors.

Below is the list of books that can be displayed on this level of the library, listed from left to right, top to bottom.

Bookshelf Group 1

Bookshelf Group 2

Bookcase Displays

1st Bookcase Column

Mythic Dawn Commentaries, Vol. 1 & Mythic Dawn Commentaries, Vol. 2
Skyrim's Rule
The Last King of the Ayleids
The Legendary Scourge

1st Bookcase Group

Dragonstone (replica)
The Secrets of Ragnvald Deathbrand Arcana Restored Sotha Sil's Last Words
Lost Legends Cleansing of the Fane The Aetherium Wars The Legend of Red Eagle
The Dreamstride Boethiah's Proving

2nd Bookcase Column

Mythic Dawn Commentaries, Vol. 3 & Mythic Dawn Commentaries, Vol. 4
N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis!
Hanging Gardens
Chronicles of Nchuleft

2nd Bookcase Group

Ritual Spells Quest Displays
Illusion Ritual Spell Alteration Ritual Spell Conjuration Ritual Spell Restoration Ritual Spell Destruction Ritual Spell
Invocation of Azura Last Scabbard of Akrash Night of Tears Brothers of Darkness Fragment: On Artaeum Glories and Laments
Souls Black and White The Old Ways War of the First Council King Olaf's Verse The Waters of Oblivion The Wild Elves Children of the Sky
Malyn Varen's Grimoire Boethiah's Glory

3rd Bookcase Group

Side closest to the Curator's Office
Effects of the Elder Scrolls The Adabal-a The Guardian and the Traitor Nerevar Moon-and-Star Remanada
Other side
The Book of the Dragonborn Kagrenac's Tools The Amulet of Kings 1st edition Annals of the Dragonguard Five Songs of King Wulfharth

Quill of Gemination Display

Quill of Gemination (replica)

New Treasure Hunt Displays

The new treasure maps added by New Treasure Hunt can be displayed along the library stairway to the Dragonborn Hall and the upper floors of the library. The displays are listed from the bottom to the top, as that is the order of the treasure maps.

New Treasure Hunt Displays
Treasure Map XXVI
Treasure Map XXVII
Treasure Map XXVIII
Treasure Map XXIX
Treasure Map XXX
Treasure Map XXXI
Treasure Map XXXII
Treasure Map XXXIII
Treasure Map XXXIV
Treasure Map XXXV
Treasure Map XXXVI
Treasure Map XXXVII
Treasure Map XXXVIII

SPOILER list - How to get all items

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