Received automatically when arriving at the docks when choosing the relic hunter start through the Alternative Start, Live Another Life mod. When read, it starts the 'Dragonborn Gallery quest'.


Greetings, my friend, I hope this letter finds you and finds you well. It's been some time since we've worked together and I had a proposition for you, assuming you can be persuaded to pull yourself from your work at the Gwylin university.

I recall in your last letter you expressed wishing to get back into the field again, and I think this proposal will have you most intrigued.

I have the unique opportunity to have been aapointed as the curator of a museum located here in Skyrim in the city of Solitude which I have named for the prophetic legends of the Dragonborn, dubbing it "Dragonborn Gallery". I have however not had much luck in procuring adequate relics for the museum. I've brought with me a few Ayleid items from my own collection but there is a vast array here in Skyrim as my research suggests. There also seems to be a "gathering" of sorts with notable artifacts rumored to have found their way here, but I can tell you more about that later.

I would be honored if you would be willing to assist me by becoming the museum's relic hunter. I know that with your skilled assistance we could make this museum ten times more grand than the Mournhold museum ever was.

I can offer you free room and board as well, as the museum has a very well equipped safe house above it which is just gathering dust, as I prefer to sleep in the staff barracks where I can be close to my work.

I also have enclosed 500 gold for incentive and travel expenses. I look forward to seeing you here, my friend!

Assuming your interest is aroused, when you arrive in Solitude, just head towards the Blue Palace at the far south eastern end of the city. The museum is a massive building just beside the palace. Safe journey, my friend. I eagerly await your arrival.

Auryen Morellus
Museum Curator
Dragonborn Gallery

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