This Legacy of the Dragonborn Wiki, sometimes named "Legacy wiki", is an encyclopedia by - and for - the fans of the Legacy of the Dragonborn. Based on the wiki concept, allowing anyone to edit and contribute to any article.


In the Summer of 2014, the wiki was set up by Agerweb under the name Legacy of the Dragonborne. There were also another two users involved in shaping the wiki that were active in the late 2015 period. These were MerrianMay and Sanamia.

In February 2016, the wiki corrected its name, and subsequently went through a massive transformation. Some remnants can still be seen to this day. After the new name and changing of the guard, the wiki grew to an astonishing 3,970 pages, trying to incorporate every single Supported/Integrated mod to date.

As of September 2016 MerrianMay took control of the wiki and keeps on guarding it, providing quality control and support for each page.


For the full list of Legacy's administrators, see Administrators and moderators.


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