Looted from Laza of Order in Sancremor Nagasel.


Requires Vigilant.

Crafting Recipe

After Laza has been defeated, his boots can be crafted at an Anvil of Zenithar using the following materials:

  • 2 Hearts of Order

Hearts of Order can be easily harvested from the many Order-affiliated enemies in Coldharbor.


Laza of Order in Sancremor Nagasel


  • The Laza of Order's armor as a whole is almost identical to that of Berserker from Fate/Zero, save for it's color scheme (Berserker has black armor). Presumably, it was colored white to fit in with the color scheme of Jyggalag's forces. However, one can give the armor coloring closer to the one used by Berserker if they craft it into the Burned version.
    • Interestingly, while Fate/Zero is not associated with Dark Souls (which Vigilant contains a fair number of references to), Berserker's true identity, Lancelot, served an Artoria (a genderswapped version of King Arthur) and one of the DLC packs for the first Dark Souls has a boss named Knight Artorias.
    • Amusingly, when Lancelot later gained a different version in Fate/Grand Order (a Saber-class version), said version would gain white armor upon ascending.
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