A female Kahjiit who has dropped out of the mages college but still has a passion for academics.

While she is at the Explorer's Society Guild House, she offers the radiant quest 'One Man's Junk' to turn ruined and burned books into scrolls, maps and rare books.


Quest Involvement


It is a good idea to have her as follower, that way she can decipher ruined books "on the run" so you don't have to return to the guild house every day.

Combat and Behavior Skills

Stats at level 30
Health 50
Magicka 50
Stamina 50
Light Armor 5
Heavy Armor 5
Sneak 5
One-Handed 5
Two-Handed 5
Archery 5
Block 5
Alteration 5
Conjuration 5
Destruction 5
Restoration 5
Illusion 5
Enchanting 5
Speech 5
Lockpicking 5
Alchemy 5
Smithing 5
Pickpocket 5

Unique Feature

Gradually accumulates random small amounts of books, scrolls, paper rolls, ruined books, and soul gems.


Quote Condition
Oh going somewhere are we? ok, should be exciting. When asked to follow
Ah yes, we have found some interesting things no? Inventory
Ok then, Latoria will return to the guild now. When asked to leave
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