Found at the top of the College of Winterhold. It is in Shalidor's cache below a statue. With the mod Immersive College of Winterhold installed, it is instead found on the roof of the College of Winterhold tower, accessible through the Archmage's Quarters.


Made at the Replica Station in the Curator's Office with the following materials:


  • Korthor, along with Haldriin and Vosis, is notable for not having a corresponding dragon priest in Skyrim. All were introduced in Elder Scrolls: Online.
    • Korthor is fought as a part of the mage's Guild questline in ESO. He is found in the ruins of Vuldngrav, located in an unknown part of Skyrim. He is called a "friend" by Sheogorath and must be slain to complete the quest. [1]


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