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In the kitchen area of the safehouse, there are displays for a lot of different items, such as plates, cups, meat, bread. They do not count towards total display count of the museum, they are purely cosmetic. To activate them, store all items in the drawers of the cabinet which is to the far left if you are standing in the door (the one shown here on the first picture). This is for the LE version and up to v4.1.6 of the SE version.

Below is a list of all items that can be displayed in the kitchen, divided into displays.

Kitchen Cabinet Display

Kitchen Displays Right
Kitchen Displays Left
Over The Hearth

In the left corner is a cabinet to display pots, vases, cups and plates that you discover in your adventures.

Far Left Shelf

Item RefID
Glazed Vase 000B9BD4
Glazed Jug 0008632C
Silver Bowl 00098626

Middle Shelf

Item RefID
Silver Plate (x4) 00098624
Silver Goblet (x3) 00098621
Silver Ewer 00098623

Middle Cabinet

Item RefID
Wooden Plate (x4) 00031941
Nordic Vase 000F08F7

Cabinet Top Shelf

Item RefID
Glazed Pot 000B9BD2
Tall Silver


Silver Platter 00098625
Nordic Bowl (x3) 000F08FA
Glazed Amphora 000B9BD6
Silver Candelabrum 000E42E0
Short Silver



Cabinet Middle Shelf

Item RefID
Glazed Cup (x6) 000B9BDC
Nordic Cup (x3) 000F08F8
Silver Goblet (x3) 00098620
Glazed Goblet (x5) 000B9BDA
Glazed Jug 000B9BDE

Cabinet Bottom Shelf

Item RefID
Plate (x8) 000E2617
Glazed Plate (x4) 000B9BD0
Nordic Plate (x2) 000F08F5
Glazed Bowl (x3) 000B9BD8
Fork (x3) 000104B3F

Over The Hearth

Item ID
Small Cast Iron Pot 000318FA
Large Cast Iron Pot 000318FB
Wooden Ladles (x2) 000319E5

Names of the above items comes from Clothing and Clutter Fixes

Liquor Cabinet

Can both be found in the living room and in the kitchen, and displays liquors in both areas.

Item ID
Ale 00034C5E
Alto Wine 0003133B
Argonian Bloodwine XX003535
Black Briar Mead 0002C35A
Honningbrew Mead 000508CA
Mazte XX0248CE
Nord Mead x5 00034C5D
Shein XX0248CC
Spiced Wine 00085368
Sujamma XX0207E6
Surilie Brothers Wine XX003536
Wine 000C5348

Raw Foods Icebox


Ash Yam XX0206E7
Butter XX00353C
Cabbage 00064B3F
Carrot x3 00064B40
Eidar Cheese Wedge 00064B32
Eidar Cheese Wheel 00064B34
Goat Cheese Wedge 00064B31
Goat Cheese Wheel 00064B33
Gourd 0010D666
Green Apple 00064B2F
Honey 001039D4
Jug of Milk XX003534
Leek 000669A5
Mammoth Cheese Bowl 000669A3
Potato x3 00064B41
Red Apple x3 00064B2E
Sack of Flour x3 XX003538
Sliced Eidar Cheese 00064B36
Sliced Goat Cheese 00064B35
Tomato x2 00064B42

Raw Meat Icebox

To display meat in the cabinet filled with ice, place it in the raw food icebox.

Item ID
Ash Hopper Leg XX03D125
Boar Meat XX03BD14
Clam Meat x3 000EBA03
Dog Meat 000EDB2E
Horker Meat 00065C9B
Horse Meat 00065C9C
Leg of Goat 00065C9A
Mammoth Snout 000669A4
Mudcrab Legs XX003540
Pheasant Breast 00065C9D
Raw Beef 00065C99
Raw Rabbit Leg x2 00065C9E
Salmon Meat 00065C9F
Venison 000669A2

Cooked Food Icebox

Item ID
Apple Cabbage Stew 000EBA01
Apple Dumpling XX003533
Apple Pie 00064B43
Baked Potatoes x2 00064B3A
Boiled Creme Treat x3 00064B30
Braided Bread XX0009DB
Bread x5 00065C97
Bread x2 00065C98
Cabbage Potato Soup 000F431B
Cabbage Soup 000EBA02
Cooked Beef x2 000721E8
Cooked Boar Meat XX03CF72
Grilled Chicken Breast 000E8947
Grilled Leeks x5 00064B3E
Honey Nut Treat 00064B38
Horker and Ash Yam Stew XX03CD5B
Horker Loaf 0007224E
Horse Haunch 000722B0
Jazbay Crostata XX00353A
Juniper Berry Crostata XX003539
Leg of Goat Roast 0007224C
Long Taffy Treat 00064B39
Pheasant Roast 000722C7
Potato Bread XX003537
Potato Soup XX00353D
Salmon Steak 00064B3B
Seared Slaughterfish 00064B3C
Snowberry Crostata XX00353B
Steamed Mudcrab Legs XX00353F
Sweetroll x2 00064B3D
Tomato Soup 000F431C
Vegetable Soup 000F431E
Venison Chop 000722BD
Venison Stew 000F431D
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