Stillborn Cave beside the backpack and the skeleton of Sand and his Sands' Torch.


I have delved into dungeons far deeper and far greater than this, but I fear this will be my final resting place all the same.

My bronze torch has long been my greatest companion and greatest tool, able to ward of the fiercest of wild beasts and defend against the greatest of blows from men apparently doesn't stand up well to Falmer arrow fire.

The torch I discovered deep inside a Dwemer ruin a number of years ago and was lit, which made me fear that the ruins were playing host to some other adventurer or worse, bandit, but as I explored I found only the Dwemer automatons. After fighting my way through a few spiders and picking a few locks I eventually found my back out, and all the while the torch remained lit! Seems that any time the torch is lit, it remains so until extinguished due to some manner of magic. It also seems to provide a much better boon to defense than your typical torch.

Alas though, I feel the last of my life draining away. If any should happen upon me and this journal, please take the torch, and bear it well.


Stillborn Cave

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