The jewelry display is located on the second floor of the Hall of Heroes.

If you have the mod Amulets of Skyrim SSE and the Legacy patch for it installed, another jewelry cabinet will be activated. See Amulets of Skyrim Display for more info.

The glass covered top part of the cabinet holds amulets, while the lower part, with the round rolls, holds the rings. You only need to place the jewelry you want to display in the cupboard at the bottom of the cabinet and wait for the display process to finish (takes 5–15 seconds usually), and your jewelry will be displayed.

The jewelry pieces are listed below in their order from left to right, top to bottom.

Jewelry Cabinet


1st Row

Madstone of the Ahemmusa (requires The Tools of Kagrenac)
Amulet of Bats
Amulet of the Gargoyle
Savos Aren's Amulet
Yisra's Necklace (replica)
Amulet of Articulation
Amulet of the Elder Council
Necromancer's Amulet
Locket of Saint Jiub

2nd Row

Amulet of Kynareth
Amulet of Mara
Amulet of Stendarr
Amulet of Talos
Amulet of Zenithar
Amulet of Dibella
Amulet of Arkay
Amulet of Julianos
Amulet of Akatosh
Eye of Sithis (requires Oblivion Artifacts Pack)

3th Row

Charmed Necklace
Kyne's Token
Moon Amulet (replica)
Ayleid Waystone
Bone Hawk Amulet
Windcaller's Talisman
Daedric Sanctuary Amulet
Necklace of Waterbreathing
Draconian Madstone (requires Oblivion Artifacts Pack)


1st Row

Ring of the Erudite
Ring of the Beast
Soul Ring
Bone Hawk Ring
Fjola's Wedding Band
Ring of Bloodlust
Ring of Instinct
Signet Ring of Sir Amiel
Ring of the Hunt
Ring of Khajiit

2nd Row

Ring of Sunfire
Vampiric Ring
Circlet of Omnipotence (Ring)
Windcaller's Ring
Ring of the Moon
Aesliip's Ring
Mentor's Ring
Ring of Surroundings
Ring of the Iron Fist
Warlock's Ring
Ring of the Wind
Ring of Phynaster

3th Row

Ilas-Tei's Ring (replica)
Nightweaver's Band
Muiri's Ring
Silver-Blood Family Ring
Engraved Ring of Healing
Ring of the Vipereye
Ring of the Gray
Ring of Eidolon's Edge
Jewel of the Rumare
Denstagmer's Ring
Weatherward Circle
Black Band

4th Row

Ring of the Oceanborn (requires Oblivion Artifacts Pack)
Ring of Desiccation (requires Oblivion Artifacts Pack)
Sorcerer's Ring (requires Oblivion Artifacts Pack)
Ring of Transmutation (requires Oblivion Artifacts Pack)
Ring of Wortcraft (requires Oblivion Artifacts Pack)
Blackwood Ring of Silence (requires Oblivion Artifacts Pack)
Ring of the Vipereye (requires Oblivion Artifacts Pack)
Shashev's Ring (requires Artifacts of Boethiah)

SPOILER list - How to get all items

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If the player sided with the Dawnguard, it can be found on the corpse of Vingalmo during Kindred Judgment (V5 only).

If the player sided with the Dawnguard, it can be found on the corpse of Feran Sadri during Kindred Judgment (V5 only).

If the player sided with the Dawnguard, it can be found on the corpse of Stalf during Kindred Judgment (V5 only).

With Cutting Room Floor (the SSE version, from v3.0.7 and onwards) and its Legacy patch installed, the Ring will instead appear in Nightingale Hall once the Thieves Guild quest is over (this information is not shown in the mod page, but is shown in the activity logs and the txt file included with the mod.)

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