Legacy of the Dragonborn
Legacy of the Dragonborn
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In this short quest, Auryen Morellus sends you on a quest to find the Staff of Indarys. The exact progression of this quest will vary depending on if you have Moonpath to Elsweyr installed.

Walkthrough - Moonpaths version

Retrieve the Staff of Indarys

In order to find Rakis, the following quests within Moonpath to Elsweyr have to be completed:

  • 'By the Light of the Moon'
  • 'Incursion'
  • 'Rebuilding the Past'

After 'Rebuilding the Past', you can travel to the Topal Sea Island where Rakis will be. Talk to him to receive the staff.

Walkthrough - Non Moonpaths version

Meet Rakis at the Guildhouse

Auryen will task you with meeting Rakis on the balcony of the Explorer's Society Guild House. Upon arrival the player will note that Rakis arrived on the Dev Aveza airship. He will then proceed to tell you about the plight of the Khajiit of Elsweyr and give you the Staff of Indarys.

Kill the Thalmor Assassin

During your conversation, Rakis is assassinated by a Thalmor Assassin, Ganllon Silinorin. He demands the Staff from you. With either decision it ends in a fight to the death.

You can also preemptively kill Ganlion by attacking him during the conversation, saving Rakis' life.

Retrieve the Staff of Indarys

Either take the Staff from the Corpse of Ganllon, if you handed it over or the quest automatically completes.

If you killed Ganlion before he could assassinate Rakis, the Khajiit will give you the staff and the airship to repay his life debt to you.

Quest Stages

It Belongs in a Museum (DBM_MuseumIndarysQuest)
Stage Journal Entry
0 [Technical Stage - Detects if Moonpaths to Elsweyr SSE is installed and sets up correct quest]
5 "Auryen has sent me to find a Khajiit named Rakis in Elsweyr who is offering to donate the Staff of Indarys to the museum. I should seek out the caravan in Falkreath to gain passage to Elsweyr and then try and locate Rakis."

Objective 5: Retrieve the Staff of Indarys

[Technical Stage - Moonpaths to Elsweyr's questline is started from this stage, it is automatically shut down by Legacy if it hasn't been started on game load.]

10 "I have met Rakis and been given the Staff of Indarys for safe keeping."

[Technical Stage - Complete Quest]

50 "Auryen has told me of a Khajiit named Rakis in Elsweyr who is offering to donate the Staff of Indarys to the museum. He should be arriving at the Guildhouse very shortly and Auryen wants me to take delivery of the staff."

Objective 50: Meet Rakis at the Guildhouse

55 [Technical Stage - Start Assassination Scene]
56 [Technical Stage - Finish Assassination Scene]
100 "I have retrieved the Staff of Indarys from Rakis, but I almost lost it to a Thalmor Assassin. I should probably store it in the museum for safety."

[Technical Stage - Complete Quest]