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Auryen sends you to retrieve the Staff of Indarys when you reach 70 museum displays, and are at least level 18.


Retrieve the Staff of Indarys

In order to find Rakis, the following quests within Moonpath to Elsweyr have to be completed:

After 'Rebuilding the Past', you can travel to the Topal Sea Island where Rakis will be. Talk to him to receive the staff.

Quest Stages

It Belongs in a Museum (DBM_MuseumIndarysQuest)
Stage Journal Entry

[Technical Stage - Complete Quest]


  • Auryen has sent me to find a Khajiit named Rakis in Elsweyr who is offering to donate the staff of Indarys to the museum. I should seek out the caravan in Falkreath to gain passage to Elsweyr and then try and locate Rakis.
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