These mods have been contributed by their original authors in their entirety, and therefore you do not need to run them as they are included in Legacy. Having them in your game with Legacy can mess your save game up. Remove them from your load order and endorse their mod if you haven't because they've done a lot to help make this mod what it is by contributing their work. The Object IDs of course have changed so you will need to reacquire the items, and some items have been reworked or quests added for them in this project.

Legendary Edition

Special Edition as of 4.1.1

  • Unique Booze Bottles HD
  • Much Ado About Snow Elves
  • Big Leather Backpack (by hideto84 with edits to recipe)
  • Gemstone Collector (gemstones only version with edits for compatibility. See update notes)
  • Book Covers Skyrim
  • Book Covers Skyrim Lost Library
  • Ysgramor's Armor- Sea shells collection
  • Insanity's Chrysamere
  • Insanity's Umbra
  • PrivateEye's Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw
  • PrivateEye's rings of old
  • PrivateEye's Helm of Tohan
  • PrivateEye's sixth house bellhammer
  • PrivateEye's BiPolar Blade
  • Ronnie Magnum's Legendary Rings V2.0
  • Edhelsereg's Lord's Mail
  • Painkiller97's Hrothmund's axe
  • Nimezis Daedric Crescent
  • Trainwiz's Visage of Mzund redone
  • Saeralith's White Phial Replacer
  • keizaalfeyn's Dawnfang
  • MyBad's Shadow of the Underking
  • Theycallmecheese's Ancient Shrouded Armor replacer
  • Wulfharth's Fang of Haynekhtnamet
  • Engelman's Rest dungeon
  • Windcaller Pass dungeon
  • Ogmund's Tomb dungeon (as Dragon's Fall)
  • More treasure maps
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