Legacy of the Dragonborn

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An overlapping quest spanning multiple areas within Moonpath to Elsweyr. Achieving certain quest stages will lead to other quests opening up.

Starts during 'The Sweet Taste of Elsweyr' when one talks to Mervar Denfriend, who is guarding the door to Tenmar Den.

If all orders have been completed but quest does not complete itself, simply type "setstage anvildenquest 150" to make the quest complete itself. (Only do this after completing all tasks, might mess up Rebuilding the Past otherwise).


Talk to Qa'mel

Mervar doesn't know if he can trust you so he sends you to have a chat with Qa'mel the Wanderer. He'll give you a tip on how to handle Mervar.

Talk to Mervar

Return to Mervar and relay Qa'mel's message, after this Mervar will ask you to go check up on his twin brother Dervar Denfriend and give you the key to unlock the door he's guarding.

Find Dervar and Deepclaw

In the new area you'll stumble in on a couple of Thalmor attacking the Khajiit here. you'll have to get rid of them before you can check in on Dervar.

Tell Mervar about the Thalmor Incursion

Return to Mervar, now you'll learn that the Thalmor have some sort of air ship. Mervar will give you a key to Pillar Falls and ask that you dispose of the Thalmor.

Take care of the Thalmor base and find the Captain's orders

There are a couple of Thalmor here guarding the airship. Dispose of them and grab the Captain's Patrol Orders from the chest on the airship.

Return to Mervar

Talk once again to your friendly big Khajiit and return to your hideout.

Talk to Khulan back at the hideout

Khulan is inside of the big airship now docked at the hideout.

Travel to the caravan supply post near Dune

Talk to Khulan and he'll navigate the airship to the next area.

Defeat the Thalmor patrol post near Dune and talk to the caretaker

Immediatly upon exiting the airship a bunch of Thalmor are pestering the local inhabitants. Dispose of them and have a chat with the caretaker.

He'll talk about the Oasis, it's located a bit further down next to the smelter. The side Quest Desert Style is available there.

Find clues as to the whereabouts of Justiciar Lanial

In order to continue the quest you'll have to travel back up past the airship, a small thalmor base is located here. Remove the Thalmor and loot the chest at the far end for Justiciar Lanial's journal.

Talk to Khulan

Return to Khulan inside the airship he'll suggest going back to the Hideout. However...

Defeat the Justiciar

The trip is rather eventful this time, the Thalmor are attacking your airship mid air. Kill them and make your way inside their airship. Inside you will find Justiciar Lanial. Time for some revenge.

Return to Khulan and secure the Airship

When all the Thalmor lie dead, talk to Khulan and the quest is done. He'll now have the dialogue option "Is there anything I can do to help?" which will start the quest 'Rebuilding the Past'.

Quest Stages

Incursion (AnvilDenQuest)
Stage Journal Entry

  • Mervar asked me to take care of the Thalmor base in this area. It's at Pillar Falls. I should find and bring back the captain's orders for intelligence purposes.
Perhaps talking to Qa'mel will convince Mervar to trust me.

Objective :

Qa'mel told me to tell Mervar that he is being an oaf, and should let me help them.

Objective :

I've agreed to help these people. It will mean getting on the Thalmor's bad side. First things first, I need to find Dervar.

Objective :

I found the Tenmar Den swarming with Thalmor. I had no choice but to dispose of them. I had a chance to see Dervar in action - he is a deadly fighter indeed. He told me to go back and give Mervar the news of the Thalmor incursion.

Objective :

Mervar doesn't seem surprised that the Thalmor where disposed of. Perhaps these people have more experience in fighting the Thalmor than I thought.

Objective :

Mervar asked me to take care of the Thalmor base in this area. It's at Pillar Falls. I should find and bring back the captain's orders for intelligence purposes.

Objective :

The Thalmor put up quite a fight, but with them removed and their transport in our hands, these people should be safe for now. I had better return to Mervar.

Objective :

I've spoken to Mervar. He's performing some counter-espionage to get more information on the Justiciar in the letter.

Objective :

Mervar told me that the Khajiit in charge of the espionage will report to me at my hideout. I should get back there.

Objective :

Objective :