Legacy of the Dragonborn

If the Creation Club Patch Hub is installed, a new hall will open up below the Hall of Heroes next to the Armory entrance. The Hall of Wonders holds displays for almost all purchased Creation Club content. Display layout will change based on which creations are installed, the lists on this page and the item pages assume that all creations are present and all patches loaded.

Some Creations are "official" recreations of existing Legacy relics. To compensate, several new relics have been added to their typical locations instead. With few exceptions, the patch merely functions as a model replacer if the relic is already a part of an associated quest.

Five Creations add displays that are not added to the Hall:

Upper Floor


The hallway contains four glass cases to hold replicas of alchemy ingredients added by Rare Curios and a few other Creations. Two more are found in the Main Hall to the left and right of the stairs.
(Note: Rare Curios comes included free with Saints & Seducers and is included in the free Skyrim AE update).

It also contains aquariums and displays for items added by Fishing.
(Note: Fishing is included in the free Skyrim AE update).

Rare Curios: 1st Left Display

Upper Shelf
Wisp Stalk Caps Withering Moon Worm's Head Cap
Wild Spiky Grass
(requires Forgotten Seasons)
Steel-Blue Entoloma
(requires Goblins)
Mort Flesh
(requires Plague of the Dead)
Lower Shelf
Congealed Putrescence Corkbulb Root Daedra Silk
Daedra Venin Daedroth Teeth Dreugh Wax

Rare Curios: 2nd Left Display

Upper Shelf
Bliss Bug Thorax
(requires Saints & Seducers)
Green Butterfly Wing
(requires Saints & Seducers)
Purple Butterfly Wing
(requires Saints & Seducers)
Rot Scale
(requires Saints & Seducers)
Screaming Maw
(requires Saints & Seducers)
Thorn Hook
(requires Saints & Seducers)
Lower Shelf
Elytra Ichor Fire Petal Flame Stalk
Fungus Stalk Gnarl Bark Gold Kanet

Rare Curios: 1st Right Display

Upper Shelf
Scalon Fin Saltrice Roobrush
Redwort Red Kelp Gas Bladder Ogre's Teeth
Lower Shelf
Blister Pod Cap Blind Watcher's Eye Bittergreen Petals
Aster Bloom Core Ambrosia Alocasia Fruit

Rare Curios: 2nd Right Display

Upper Shelf
Watcher's Eye Void Essence Stoneflower Petals
Sload Soap Scrib Jerky Scrib Jelly
Lower Shelf
Comberry Coda Flower Chokeweed
Chokeberry Bungler's Bane Bog Beacon

Fishing: Left Wall Aquarium Displays

Vampire Fish Histcarp Cyrodilic Spadetail River Betty
Abecean Longfin Silverside Perch
Tripod Spiderfish Deepglow Char Pogfish Arctic Char Salmon

Fishing: Middle Aquarium Displays

Spadefish Pygmy Sunfish Pearlfish Lyretail Anthias Glass Catfish
Glassfish Angelfish

Fishing: Right Wall Aquarium Displays

Juvenile Mudcrab Brook Bass Carp
Direfish Arctic Grayling Goldfish Angler Angler Larvae
Cod Catfish Scorpion Fish

Fishing: Slaughterfish & Books Display

Line and Lure Fishing Mastery, v1
Fishing Mastery, v2 Fishing Mastery, v3
Fishing Mastery, v4 Fishing Mastery, v5

Fishing: 'Wave Breaker' quest display

Emperor crab model, activates after completing the quest.

Fishing: Weapons Display

Irkngthand War Axe of Fire Irkngthand War Axe Irkngthand War Axe of Freezing

Fishing: Jewelry & Maps Display

Atronite Ring Ring of Kynareth Ring of Gelid Protection
Ring of Willpower Viriya's Charm Ring of Agility
Fishing Map - Haafingar Fishing Map - The Pale Fishing Map - Winterhold
Fishing Map - Hjaalmarch Fishing Map - Whiterun Fishing Map - Eastmarch
Fishing Map - The Reach Fishing Map - Falkreath Fishing Map - The Rift
Fishing Map - Solstheim

Fishing: Dynamo Cores & Fishing Rods Display

Aetherium Dynamo Core (2x)
Alik'ri Fishing Rod
Argonian Fishing Rod
Fishing Rod
Dwarven Fishing Rod

Fishing: Clothes Display

Fishing Hat
Fishing Clothes
Fishing Boots

Main Hall - Center Displays

These are the displays found at the stairs to the lower floor.

Rare Curios: Left Display

Upper Shelf
Ash Salts
(requires Ghosts of the Tribunal)
Spiddal Stick
(requires The Cause)
Lower Shelf
Imp Gall Hypha Facia Hydnum Azure Giant Spore
Hunger Tongue Heart of Order Hackle-Lo Leaf

Dwarven Armored Mudcrab Display

'My Pet Mudcrab' quest display
(Armored Mudcrab model, activates upon completing the quest).
Spell Tome: Teleport Pet Mudcrab
Ownership Deed - Mudcrab

Rare Curios: Right Display

Upper Shelf
Ironwood Fruit
(requires Bittercup)
Perfect Roe
(requires Fishing)
(requires The Cause)
Harrada (requires The Cause)
Lower Shelf
Kagouti Hide Kresh Fiber Lichor
Luminous Russula Marshmerrow Minotaur Horn

Main Hall - Wall Displays

These are the displays found at the wall of the main hall, starting from the left of the entrance.

Arms of Chaos Display

Warlock's Mark Arm of the Sun
Blue Sigil Stone (replica) Green Sigil Stone (replica)
Orange Sigil Stone (replica)
Arm of the Moon Sovereign Band

Dawnfang & Duskfang Display

Dawnfang/Duskfang (static display, activates when placing
Dawnfang/Duskfang on its display spot in the Hall of Heroes)

Arcane Accessories Display

Left Shelf (Destruction tomes)
Spell Tome: Elemental Burst Spell Tome: Elemental Blast
Spell Tome: Unbounded Flames Spell Tome: Unbounded Freezing
Spell Tome: Unbounded Storms Spell Tome: Mara's Wrath
Middle Shelf (Conjuration/Alteration/Illusion tomes)
Spell Tome: Pride of Hirstaang
Spell Tome: Paralysis Rune
Spell Tome: Fenrik's Welcome Spell Tome: Orum's Aquatic Escape
Right Shelf (Destruction tomes)
Spell Tome: Choking Grasp Spell Tome: Strangulation
Spell Tome: Hangman's Noose Spell Tome: Touch of Death
Spell Tome: Elemental Flare Spell Tome: Elemental Bolt
Wall Displays
Ancient Spell Tomes: Alteration Ancient Spell Tomes: Destruction
Ancient Restoration Tome (replica)
Ancient Spell Tomes: Illusion Ancient Spell Tomes: Conjuration
Robes of Destruction & Alteration Robes of Conjuration & Illusion
The Ancient Spell Tomes: Alteration, Destruction, Illusion and Conjuration are static displays which activate when all tomes from that particular spell school have been put on display on the shelves. When all four are activated, a replica recipe for the Ancient Restoration Tome opens up at the Scribe's Desk.

Arcane Archer Pack Display

Telekinesis Quiver
(static display, activates when the tome is put on display)
Dwemer Arrow Diagram Bound Quiver
(static display, activates when the tome is put on display)
Soul Stealer Arrow
Telekinesis Arrow
Dragonpiercer Arrow
Lightning Arrow
Ice Arrow
Spell Tome: Telekinesis Arrows Fire Arrow Spell Tome: Bound Quiver

Necromantic Grimoire Display

Left Shelf
Spell Tome: Conjure Ancient Deathpriest Spell Tome: Conjure Tomb Guardian
Spell Tome: Conjure Skeleton Champion Spell Tome: Conjure Skeleton Warlock
Spell Tome: Conjure Skeleton Marksman Spell Tome: Conjure Skeleton Minion
Middle Display
Masked Necromancer Hood Bone Colossus (static
display, activates when
the tome is put on display)
Necromancer Hood
Runic Necromancer Robes Spell Tome: Conjure Bone Colossus Necromancer Robes
Right Shelf
Spell Tome: Banish Undead Spell Tome: Soul Split
Spell Tome: Necromancer's Ritual Spell Tome: Conjure Undying Ghost
Spell Tome: Conjure Haunting Spirit Spell Tome: Conjure Cursed Spectre

Civil War Champions Display

Imperial (left) Display
Imperial Dragon Helmet Imperial Dragon Armor
Imperial Dragon Gauntlets Imperial Dragon Boots
Imperial Dragon Shield Imperial Dragon Cloak
Weapons Display
Dragon's Oath Akatosh's Talon Tsun's Judgement Storm-Bear Sword
Stormcloak (right) Display
Storm-Bear Helmet Storm-Bear Armor
Storm-Bear Gauntlets Storm-Bear Boots
Storm-Bear Shield Storm-Bear Cloak
Map display
Map of Battle Location
The originals of the Imperial Dragon Cloak and the Storm-Bear Cloak require the Unofficial Skyrim Creation Club Content Patch (see notes on the item pages).

Pets of Skyrim Display

Arachnia (Spider) Display (activates after freeing Arachnia from its cage)
Skritch (Skeever) Display (activates after freeing Skritch from its cage) Animal Collar Sweet Roll (Fox) Display (activates after feeding Sweet Roll a Sweet Roll)
Thistle (Rabbit) Display (activates after feeding Thistle a Carrot) Animal Pack Hilda (Goat) Display (activates after purchasing Hilda from Halvar)

Saturalia Holiday Pack Display

Saturalia Hat Reindeer (static display, activates after putting the Bill of Sale on display)
Saturalia Clothes
Saturalia Gloves
Saturalia Boots Reindeer Bill of Sale

Goblins Display

'Blue in the Face' quest display (Grogh armor mannequin, activates after completing the quest) Goblin Totem Staff 'Goblins in Gromm's Pass' display (Cauldron, activates after entering Gromm's Pass)
This creation also adds a Daedric Artifact, the Spear of Bitter Mercy, to the Daedric Exhibit Hall.

Dead Man's Dread Display

Wall Displays
'Secrets of Blackbone Island' display (Dead Man's Dread model ship and stone skulls, activates after entering Blackbone Isle Grotto).
Cyrus' Sabre (static display, activates after placing Cyrus' Sabre on its display spot in the Hall of Heroes, Cyrus' Saber is replaced and Auryen's quest is adjusted appropriately).
Left Shelf
Captain Clothes (Gray/Red) Scrub Clothes (Beige)
Captain Clothes (Blue/Green) Scrub Clothes (Green)
Captain Boots (Brown) Captain Boots (Red)
Middle Shelf
Cyrus' Clothes Cyrus' Boots
Right Shelf
Boatswain Clothes (Orange) Boatswain Clothes (Blue)
Boatswain Clothes (Brown) The Restless
Map to Blackbone Isle Boatswain Shoes (Green)
Boatswain Shoes (Brown) Boatswain Shoes (Red)
If Oblivion Artifact Pack is installed, the Blackwater Blade obtained in the Creation will replace the OAP version in the Hall of Heroes.

Spell Knight Armor Display

Iron Spell Knight Helmet Ebony Spell Knight Helmet Steel Spell Knight Helmet
Iron Spell Knight Armor Ebony Spell Knight Armor Steel Spell Knight Armor
Iron Spell Knight Gauntlets Ebony Spell Knight Gauntlets Steel Spell Knight Gauntlets
Iron Spell Knight Boots Ebony Spell Knight Boots Steel Spell Knight Boots
'Crypt of the Heart' quest display, activates upon completing the quest:

Bittercup Display

The left display changes dynamically depending on which path you choose during the quest 'A Dying Wish'.

Left display (Path of Nothing)
Ironwood Tree bonsai (static display) Rulnik's Dagger
Left display (Path of Power)
Grand Champion's Helm Grand Champion's Sword
Left display (Path of Fortune)
Golden Horn Spell Tome: Master Transmute
Middle Display
Ironwood Sword Ironwood Greatsword
Ironwood Dagger Bittercup (static display, activates after placing Bittercup on its display spot in the Daedric Exhibit Hall).
Right Display
Combined quest display for 'A Dying Wish', 'The Pit' or 'Fortunate Son' (Mysterious Altar, activates after completing the respective quests).

Adventurer's Backpack Display

HOW-Adventurer's Backpack.webp
Fine Leather Backpack or Fine Leather Backpack with Bedroll
Mage Backpack or Mage Backpack with Bedroll
Dark Leather Backpack or Dark Leather Backpack with Bedroll
Leather Backpack or Leather Backpack with Bedroll
Thief Backpack or Thief Backpack with Bedroll
Fur Backpack or Fur Backpack with Bedroll
Hunter Backpack or Hunter Backpack with Bedroll
Adventurer Backpack or Adventurer Backpack with Bedroll
Big Leather Backpack (Black) and Big Leather Backpack (Brown)

Misc. Weapons Collection

This display shows weapons that replace Legacy or mod-added items to resolve conflicts.
(requires The Contest, renamed version of the creation's Iceblade of the Monarch)
Trident of the Cairn
Razak's Tuner
Crimson Tide

Staves Display

This display shows the eight unenchanted staves added by the creation.
Light Wood Staff Dark Wood Staff
Steel Staff Silver Staff
Glass Staff Ebony Staff
Daedric Staff Dreugh Staff

Main Hall - Inner Displays

These are the displays found at the inner railing of the main hall, starting from the left of the entrance.

Expanded Crossbow Pack Display 1

Daedric Crossbow or Enhanced Daedric Crossbow
Nordic Crossbow or Enhanced Nordic Crossbow
Silver Crossbow or Enhanced Silver Crossbow
Imperial Crossbow or Enhanced Imperial Crossbow

Elite Crossbows Display

Ebony Crossbow or Enhanced Ebony Crossbow
Elven Crossbow or Enhanced Elven Crossbow

Rare Curios - Bolts Expanded Displays

If this mod by Jelidity is installed, two additional bolt displays will
be added to the left and right of the Elite Crossbows Display.
Left Display
Bonemold Bolt Corkbulb Bolt Daedric Bolt
Dragonbone Bolt Ebony Bolt Elven Bolt
Right Display
Glass Bolt Iron Bolt Nordic Bolt
Orcish Bolt Silver Bolt Stalhrim Bolt

Expanded Crossbow Pack Display 2

Stalhrim Crossbow or Enhanced Stalhrim Crossbow
Dragonbone Crossbow or Enhanced Dragonbone Crossbow
Glass Crossbow or Enhanced Glass Crossbow
Orcish Crossbow or Enhanced Orcish Crossbow

Horse Armor - Elven Display

Elven Horse Armor

Wild Horses Display

Left Shelf: 'Horse Whisperer' quest displays
Black Horse Grey Spotted Horse White Spotted Horse Chestnut Horse
Static displays, activate after finding and taming the respective horses during the quest.
Middle Display
Map of Wild Horses
Right Shelf: 'Creature of Legend' and 'Horse Whisperer' quest displays
Unicorn Red Horse Dappled Brown Horse Pale Mare
Static displays, activate after finding and taming the respective horses during the quest(s).

Horse Armor - Steel Display

Steel Horse Armor

Fearsome Fists Display 1

Brawler's Ebony Gauntlets Brawler's Steel Plate Gauntlets Brawler's Dwarven Gauntlets
Brawler's Orcish Gauntlets Brawler's Steel Gauntlets Brawler's Iron Gauntlets

Fearsome Fists Display 2

Brawler's Dragonscale Gauntlets Brawler's Daedric Gauntlets Brawler's Dragonplate Gauntlets
Headman's Cleaver (requires Headman's Cleaver)

Fearsome Fists Display 3

Brawler's Elven Gauntlets Brawler's Scaled Bracers Brawler's Glass Gauntlets
Brawler's Fur Bracers Brawler's Hide Bracers Brawler's Leather Bracers

Lower Floor

Central Area

These are the displays found in the center of the lower floor at or near the stairs, starting from under the stairs to the left.

Nix-Hound Display

My Pet Nix-Hound quest display
(Nix-Hound model, activates upon acquiring the spell tome)
Spell Tome: Teleport Nix-Hound

Plague of the Dead Display

Spell Tome: Conjure Zombie Spell Tome: Conjure Foul Zombie
Spell Tome: Conjure Putrid Zombie Spell Tome: Conjure Malignant Zombie
For every tome placed, a magic light will appear on the wall above the shelf.

Bone Wolf Display

Let Sleeping Wolves Lie quest display (Bone Wolf Model, activates upon completing the quest)
Spell Tome: Teleport Pet Bone Wolf (replica)
Totem Bone (replica)
If Dudelsaur's Bone Wolf Expansion is installed, two more spell tomes are added. The smaller Bone Wolf models are enabled when their respective spell tomes are put on display.
Spell Tome: Conjure Dreaded Bone Wolf Spell Tome: Conjure Dreaded Cairn Wolf

Forgotten Seasons Main Display

Left Display
Blue Luminous Wheat White Molded Wheat Sickly Green Wheat
Dwarven Crown of Spring Spring Visage Spider Control Rod
Center Display
'Waterworks of Vardnknd' display (activates upon entering Runoff Caverns)
Ward of the Seasons
Turn of the Seasons Dwarven Crown Forgotten Seasons, v1
Right Display
Off-Color Wheat Orange Encrusted Wheat Glowing Red Wheat
Dwarven Crown of Autumn Autumn Visage
Dwarven Crown of Winter Winter Visage

Forgotten Seasons "Vamidium" Display

Dwarven Drone Fly
Dwarven Horse Head (replica) Dwarven Horse Torso (replica)
Dwarven Horse Front Right Leg (replica) Dwarven Horse Back Right Leg (replica)
Dwarven Horse Front Left Leg (replica) Dwarven Horse Back Left Leg (replica)
Vardnknd Conduit Gem x3

Left Wall Displays

These are the displays located at the left wall of the lower floor after going down the stairs, starting clockwise from the hallway to the 'The Cause' section (Technically, the 'The Cause', the 'Saints & Seducers' as well as the 'Ghosts of the Tribunal' sections are part of the wall displays, but will be given their own headers for clarity's sake).

Some of the quests for the 'Alternative Armors' may give you enchanted versions of the armor items but the displays only accept unenchanted versions (see notes on the item pages). However, completing a quest will add the corresponding armor to levelled loot lists for items on characters, in chests and for sale at vendors. Note that some of them can be crafted without doing the quests (if/once you have the appropriate Smithing perk).

Alternative Armors - Orcish Plate Display

Orcish Plate Helmet
Orcish Plate Armor
Orcish Plate Gauntlets
Orcish Plate Boots

Alternative Armors - Orcish Scaled Display

The Crimson Dirks, v6
Orcish Scaled Armor
Orcish Scaled Helmet
Orcish Scaled Gauntlets
Orcish Scaled Boots

Alternative Armors - Dwarven Plate Display

The Crimson Dirks, v9
Dwarven Plate Armor
Dwarven Plate Boots

Alternative Armors - Dwarven Mail Display

The Crimson Dirks, v8
Dwarven Mail Helmet
Dwarven Mail
Dwarven Mail Boots
Dwarven Mail Gauntlets

Alternative Armors - Silver Display

The Crimson Dirks, v2
Silver Helmet
Silver Armor
Silver Boots
Silver Gauntlets

Alternative Armors - Elven Hunter Display

The Crimson Dirks, v7
Elven Hunter Armor
Elven Hunter Boots
Elven Hunter Gauntlets

Alternative Armors - Steel Soldier Display

Steel Soldier Helmet
Steel Soldier Armor
Steel Soldier Boots
Steel Soldier Gauntlets

Alternative Armors - Leather Display

Leather Scout Armor
Leather Scout Helmet
Leather Scout Boots
Leather Scout Gauntlets

Alternative Armors - Iron Display

Iron Plate Helmet
Iron Plate Armor
Iron Plate Gauntlets
Iron Plate Boots

Nordic Jewelry Display

Nordic Circlet
Nordic Amulet
Nordic Ring
Certificate of Authenticity

Vigil Enforcer Armor Set Display - Silver Hand

Vigil Silver Hand Helmet
Vigil Silver Hand Armor
Vigil Silver Hand Gauntlets
Vigil Silver Hand Boots

Vigil Enforcer Armor Set Display - Enforcer

Vigil Enforcer Helmet
Vigil Enforcer Armor
Vigil Enforcer Gauntlets
Vigil Enforcer Boots

Vigil Enforcer Armor Set Display - Veteran

Vigil Veteran Open Helmet
Vigil Veteran Sashed Armor
Vigil Veteran Helmet
Vigil Veteran Armor
Vigil Veteran Gauntlets
Vigil Veteran Boots

Vigil Enforcer Armor Set Display - Corrupted

Vigil Corrupted Open Helmet
Vigil Corrupted Sashed Armor
Vigil Corrupted Helmet
Vigil Corrupted Armor
Vigil Corrupted Gauntlets
Vigil Corrupted Boots

Right Wall Displays

These are the displays located at the right wall of the lower floor after going down the stairs, starting counter-clockwise from the hallway to the 'The Cause' section (Technically, the 'The Cause', the 'Saints & Seducers' as well as the 'Ghosts of the Tribunal' sections are part of the wall displays, but will be given their own headers for clarity's sake).

Some of the quests for the 'Alternative Armors' may give you enchanted versions of the armor items but the displays only accept unenchanted versions (see notes on the item pages). However, completing a quest will add the corresponding armor to levelled loot lists for items on characters, in chests and for sale at vendors. Note that some of them can be crafted without doing the quests (if/once you have the appropriate Smithing perk).

Alternative Armors - Stalhrim Fur Display

Stalhrim Fur Helmet
Stalhrim Fur Armor
Stalhrim Fur Boots
Stalhrim Fur Gauntlets

Alternative Armors - Ebony Plate Display

The Crimson Dirks, v1
Ebony Plate Helmet
Ebony Plate Armor
Ebony Plate Boots
Ebony Plate Gauntlets

Alternative Armors - Dragonscale Display

The Crimson Dirks, v4
Studded Dragonscale Armor
Studded Dragonscale Helmet
Studded Dragonscale Boots
Studded Dragonscale Gauntlets

Alternative Armors - Dragon Plate Display

Dragonplate Insulated Helmet
Dragonplate Insulated Cuirass
Dragonplate Insulated Boots
Dragonplate Insulated Gauntlets
The Creation Club Patch Hub patch also replaces the
Dragonbone Cuirass in the Hall of Heroes with the Dragonbone Mail.

Alternative Armors - Daedric Mail Display

The Crimson Dirks, v5
Ring of Masser
Daedric Mail
Daedric Mail Gauntlets
Daedric Mail Boots

Alternative Armors - Daedric Plate Display

Daedric Plate Armor
Daedric Plate Helmet
The Crimson Dirks, v3

Netch Leather Armor Display 1

The Creation Club Patch Hub patch also alters the Boots of Blinding Speed
and moves them to another location.
Riekling Hunting Party Sketch
Shadowed Boiled Netch Leather Armor Painted Netch Leather Helmet
Shadowed Boiled Netch Leather Helmet Painted Netch Leather Armor
Boiled Netch Leather Helmet Painted Netch Leather Bracers
Boiled Netch Leather Armor Painted Netch Leather Boots

Netch Leather Armor Display 2

Crafting with Netch Leather
Shadowed Netch Leather Helmet Netch Leather Helmet
Shadowed Netch Leather Armor Netch Leather Armor
Shadowed Netch Leather Bracers Netch Leather Bracers
Shadowed Netch Leather Boots Netch Leather Boots
Shadowed Netch Leather Tower Shield Netch Leather Tower Shield
Shadowed Netch Leather Shield Netch Leather Shield

Redguard Elite Armaments Display

Remnant Shield Remnant Armor
Boneshaver Remnant Hood
Remnant Scimitar Remnant Boots
Remnant Gloves

The Cause Displays

This section features displays for The Cause. It is located at the back of the stairs and connected to the Lower Floor via a short hallway. Displays start clockwise from the entrance.

Left Rielle Display

Elemental Shard - Wel (replica) Elemental Shard - Sercen (replica)

Center Rielle Display

'The Halls of Rielle' exploration display (lines the alcove with Ayleid glazed tiles, activates when entering Rielle)
Great Welkynd Stone
Welkynd Stone (The Cause) or
Welkynd Stone (Rare Curios)
Flawed Varla Stone
(Rare Curios)
Staff of Ehlno Ede Ayleid Crown of Rielle

Right Rielle Display

Elemental Shard - Nen (replica) Elemental Shard - Alata (replica)

Spell Tomes Display

Spell Tome: Conjure Ayleid Lich Spell Tome: Conjure Daedric Horse

Deadlands Display

'Realm of Destruction' exploration display (removes the wall and adds an inactive Oblivion Gate instead, activates when entering the Deadlands)
Scourge (static display, activates when placing Scourge on its display spot in the Daedric Exhibit Hall)
Sigil Stone (static display, activates when placing the Sigil Stone on its display spot in the Daedric Exhibit Hall)

Ghosts of the Tribunal Displays

This section features displays for Ghosts of the Tribunal. It is located to the right of the stairs and connected to the Lower Floor via a short hallway. Displays start at the center and then clockwise from the entrance.
The Creation Club Patch Hub patch also replaces the Cleaver of St. Felms and Skull Crusher with their CC counterparts.

Center Display

Ghosts of the Tribunal quest display (Almalexia statue and rotating pillars, activates upon completing the quest)

Extravagant Robes Display

Extravagant Robes (red, green and yellow)

The Tribunal Display

Mask of Sotha Sil Mask of Almalexia Mask of Vivec
Shrine of Sotha Sil Shrine of Almalexia Shrine of Vivec
Each shrine activates after using its counterpart in Ashfall's Tear.

Her Hand Display

Light of Day Her Hand Helmet Redoran Watchman's Helmet
Her Hand Armor Her Hand Gauntlets Her Hand Boots

Hopesfire & Trueflame Display

Hopesfire (static display, activates when putting Hopesfire on its display spot in the Hall of Heroes)
Trueflame (static display, activates when putting Trueflame on its display spot in the Hall of Heroes)

Ordinator Display

Ordinator Shield
Ordinator Ebony Mace Indoril Helmet Ordinator Ebony Scimitar
Indoril Armor Indoril Gauntlets Indoril Boots

Lich Display

Mask of Dagoth Ur
Robe of the Lich

Common Robes Display

Common Robes (green, olive and blue)

Saints & Seducers Displays

Note: Saints & Seducers is included in the free Skyrim AE update.

This is a large section at the back of the hall for the various items added by the creation. Six spots are also included in the "Rare Curios" cases for new alchemical ingredients. A spot for Nerveshatter is also added to the Daedric Exhibit Hall, and Jyggalag's Sword is replaced with the Sword of Jyggalag obtained during the Creation questline.

Bug Jars and Root Dungeon Display

'Root Dungeon' exploration display
(static display, activates after entering the dungeon)
Green Butterfly in a Jar Bliss Bug in a Jar Purple Butterfly in a Jar

Dark Seducer Gear Display

Dark Seducer Bow (and arrows)
Dark Seducer Dagger Dark Seducer War Axe
Dark Seducer Sword Dark Seducer Mace
Dark Seducer Warhammer Dark Seducer Greatsword
Dark Seducer Battleaxe Dark Seducer Helmet
Dark Seducer Armor Dark Seducer Gauntlets
Dark Seducer Boots Dark Seducer Shield

Madness Gear and Oddities Display

Thoron's Helmet
Madness Ore Madness Ingot
Madness Bow (and arrows)
Madness Shield Madness Greatsword
Madness Sword Madness Battleaxe
Madness War Axe Madness Warhammer
Madness Mace Madness Dagger
Madness Helmet Madness Armor
Madness Gauntlets Madness Boots

Amber Shrine Display

Sheogorath-Shaped Amber

Amber Gear and Oddities Display

Amber Bow (and arrows)
Amber Shield Amber Greatsword
Amber Sword Amber Battleaxe
Amber War Axe Amber Warhammer
Amber Mace Amber Dagger
Amber Helmet Amber Armor
Amber Gauntlets Amber Boots
Staada's Helmet
Refined Amber Amber

Golden Saint Gear Display

Golden Saint Bow (and arrows)
Golden Saint Battleaxe Golden Saint Greatsword
Golden Saint Warhammer Golden Saint Mace
Golden Saint Dagger Golden Saint Sword
Golden Saint War Axe Golden Saint Armor
Golden Saint Gauntlets Golden Saint Helmet
Golden Saint Shield Golden Saint Boots

Spell tomes, Books & Misc. Display

Spell tomes
Spell Tome: Conjure Staada
Spell Tome: Conjure Dark Seducer Archer Spell Tome: Conjure Golden Saint Archer
Spell Tome: Conjure Dark Seducer Warrior Spell Tome: Conjure Golden Saint Warrior
Books & Misc.
The Blessings of Sheogorath Heretical Thoughts
Saints and Seducers (First Edition)
Mystic Venom Ring of Disrobing
Arcane Blacksmith's Apron Soul Tomato

My Pet Elytra (Dementia) Quest Display

Static display, activates upon completing the quest.

My Pet Elytra (Mania) Quest Display

Static display, activates upon completing the quest.