Legacy of the Dragonborn
SSE Version

In the Hall of Secrets you can store the things you attain in unlawful ways, such as trophies from the special Thieves Guild jobs and skulls of the people you kill during the Dark Brotherhood questline. The entrance is hidden in the Dragonborn Hall.

To get the Hall of Secrets ready for display, press the button on the left side of the staircase as you descend to the lowest floor of Dragonborn Hall, then make your way to the cobwebbed storage room. This will start the quest 'Auryen Morellus and the Chamber of Secrets'.

Trophy Heads display

Trophy Heads.jpg

If you have BadGremlin's Collection installed, here is where you can display the trophy heads.
They can all be found in areas that are visited during the main questline.

Argonian Head Nord Head
Thalmor Head Khajiit Head
Wood Elf Head Dark Elf Head
Orc Head Forsworn Head
Burnt Head Graybeard Head
Redguard Head Hag Head

Skulls and remains display

Pelagius' Hip Bone Ancient Traveler's Skull
Potema's Skull Arvak's Skull
Karstaag's Skull Habd's Remains
Glenmoril Witch Head x5
Kolbjorn's Skull

Vampire display

Vampire section.jpg
Legendary Volkihar Knight Abysswalker Cuirass or
Legendary Volkihar Knight Assassin Cuirass or
Legendary Volkihar Knight Royal Guard Cuirass
Legendary Volkihar Knight Boots or Light Legendary Volkihar Knight Boots
or Volkihar Knight Boots or Light Volkihar Knight Boots
Legendary Volkihar Knight Gauntlets or Light Legendary Volkihar Knight Gauntlets
or Volkihar Knight Gauntlets or Light Volkihar Knight Gauntlets
Legendary Volkihar Knight Hood or Light Legendary Volkihar Knight Hood
or Volkihar Knight Hood or Light Volkihar Knight Hood
(all items listed above require Volkihar Knight - Vampire Armor)
Werewolf Pelt
Ancient Vampire Hands Ancient Vampire Head
Ancient Vampire Leg Ancient Vampire Ribcage
Ancient Vampire Arm
Bloodstone Chalice quest display

(Activates by completing the quest 'The Bloodstone Chalice'. It is therefore
only available if you side with the Volkihar clan in the Dawnguard questline.)

Royal Armory display

Requires Royal Armory (SSE).

Smile Black Crow Dagger
Jolhert Dragonfang
Silvertongue Snærving
Pendulum Regnving
Hafyllbrand Shard
Neloth's Staff Stormbird
Malice Crescent
Yokuda's Edge Dagger of Shalidor
Judgement Hammer of Light
Harbinger's Axe Northern Honor
Exquisite Elven Blade Rikvard
Foe Breaker Sword of Dragonsreach
Mentor's Sword

Thieves Guild display

Thieves' Guild display 1.jpg
Nightingale Bow
Nightingale Blade
Nightingale Armor, Boots, Gloves and Hood
Bust of the Gray Fox
Blackguard's Armor, Boots, Gloves and Hood
Guild Master's Armor, Boots, Gloves and Hood

Thieves Guild relics display

Thieves' Guild display 2.jpg
Queen Bee Statue Model Ship
Jeweled Flagon Jeweled Goblet
Honningbrew Decanter Jeweled Pitcher
Golden Urn Ornate Drinking Horn
Golden Ship Model Jeweled Candlestick
Left Eye of the Falmer Crown of Barenziah
Right Eye of the Falmer

Undeath display

Undeath Remastered.jpg

Requires Undeath Remastered.
The quest display activates when Antioch is killed.

Arch Necromancer's Staff
Alchemist's Cap
Antioch's Robes
Black Book: Whispers of the Veil

Dark Brotherhood display

The Hand of Glory
Death at a Wedding - Skull of Vittoria Vici
Skull of Narfi Skull of Ma'randru-jo
Skull of Beitild Skull of Anoriath
Skull of Ennodius Papius Skull of Agnis
Skull of Hern Skull of Maluril
Skull of Lurbuk Skull of Helvard
Skull of Deekus Skull of Safia
Ancient Shrouded Armor, Boots, Gloves and Hood
Robes of Emperor Titus Mede II

Dark Brotherhood mannequin: intended to show either the Shrouded Armor, Shrouded Outfit or the Jester's Outfit.

YCM: Dark Brotherhood Expansion display

YCM display.jpg

Requires Your Choices Matter: Dark Brotherhood Expansion

Ancient Dawnstar Sanctuary Dagger
Ring of Sithis
Ring of the Night Mother
Amulet of Sithis
Gabriella's Painting

The Sinister Seven display

The Sinister Seven display.jpg

Requires The Sinister Seven

Raven Witch Mask, Gloves, Boots, Long Gown and Cape
A Sinister Bronze Mask
A Sinister Mask of Jack Frost
A Sinister Ebony Mask
A Sinister Gold Mask
A Sinister Silver Mask
Evil MasterMind Hooded Mask, Gloves, Boots and Cuirass