In the Hall of Secrets you can store the things you attain in unlawful ways, such as trophies from the special Thieves Guild jobs and skulls of the people you kill during the Dark Brotherhood questline. The entrance is hidden in the Dragonborn Hall.

There are also two special areas of the secret lair. One beyond the upperleft of the dias is dedicated to werewolves and contains the Werewolf Totem Display. The other, on the far right is dedicated to vampires who sided with the Volkihar Vampire Clan during the Dawnguard questline.

The displays found here are in order as how they are seen from the entrance to the Hall of Secrets, starting from the left.

Entrance Displays


Royal Armory Display

Requires the Royal Armory mod.

Rikvard Jolhert Yokuda's Edge Foe Breaker Hammer of Light Exquisite Elven Blade Judgement
Neloth's Staff Silvertongue Pendulum Smile Hafyllbrand Snærving Regnving
Sword of Dragonsreach Malice Dagger of Shalidor Harbinger's Axe Black Crow Dagger Mentor's Blade Northern Honor
Stormbird Cresent Dragonfang Shard

Outer Displays

Thieves guild armor

Nightingale, Blackguard and Guild Master Display

Nightingale Bow
Nightingale Hood
Nightingale Armor
Nightingale Gloves
Nightingale Boots
Nightingale Blade
Bust of the Gray Fox
Blackguard's Hood
Blackguard's Armor
Blackguard's Gloves
Blackguard's Boots
Guild Master's Hood
Guild Master's Armor
Guild Master's Gloves
Guild Master's Boots

Thieves guild display

Thieves Guild Special Jobs Display

Queen Bee Statue
Jeweled Flagon
Honningbrew Decanter
Golden Urn
Golden Ship Model
Left Eye of the Falmer
Right Eye of the Falmer
Model Ship
Jeweled Goblet
Jeweled Pitcher
Ornate Drinking Horn
Jeweled Candlestick
Crown of Barenziah (replica)

Hall of secrets 3

Upper Mid

The Hand of Glory

Hall of Secrets 4

Dark Brotherhood Jobs Display

Skull of Narfi
Skull of Beitild
Skull of Ennodius Papius
Skull of Hern
Skull of Lurbuk
Skull of Deekus
Skull of Ma'randru-jo
Skull of Anoriath
Skull of Agnis
Skull of Maluril
Skull of Helvard
Skull of Safia

Hall of secrets 5

Dark Brotherhood Display

Death at a Wedding - Skull of Vittoria Vici
Ancient Shrouded Masked Cowl
Ancient Shrouded Armor
Ancient Shrouded Gloves
Ancient Shrouded Boots
Emperor's Robes

Center Displays

Hall of secrets 7

Central Display

Ancient Traveler's Skull
Arvak's Skull (replica)
Habd's Remains (replica)
Pelagius' Hip Bone
Potema's Skull (replica)
5 Glenmoril Witch Heads (replicas)
Karstaag's Skull (replica)
Kolbjorn's Skull

Heads Display

With BadGremlin's Trophy Heads mod activated, you will have access to this display where you can place the heads you find. They can all be found during the main questline.

HoS Heads Display
Top Row
Wood Elf Head Redguard Head Nord Head Khajiit Head Orc Head
Bottom Row
Burnt Head Dark Elf Head Forsworn Head Graybeard Head Hag Head Thalmor Head Argonian Head

Special Displays

Hall of secrets 8

Vampire display

Vampire Display

Ancient Vampire Hands (replica)
Ancient Vampire Head (replica)
Ancient Vampire Leg (replica)
Ancient Vampire Ribcage (replica)
Ancient Vampire Arm (replica)
Werewolf Pelt

Blood Shrine, Coffin of Vulom and Shrine to Molag Bal

In addition to the collectables displays, the area features a throne, a coffin, a shrine to Molag Bal , the coffin of Vulom (activated after 'Someone with Backbone' from the mod Wyrmstooth has been completed) and a statue named 'Blood Shrine'. The Blood shrine can be activated as a Vampire Lord, but it's functionality is cut content of the Dawnguard DLC, so it's recommended you don't use it.


Werewolf display

Werewolf Display

Totem of Brotherhood
Totem of Fear
Totem of The Hunt

In addition to the Totem Display, this area features large amounts of harvestable alchemy components, a dead bear and a dead farmer being as cuddly as they were in life. Although not accessible, a dead deer (buck) can be seen floating in the moat.

SPOILER list - How to get all items

Show Spoiler

If the player sided with the Dawnguard, it can be found on a table during the quest Ancient Power at Moldering Ruins (V5 only).

If the player sided with the Dawnguard, it can be found next to two candles in the caged death hounds room during the quest Ancient Power at Bloodlet Throne (V5 only).

If the player sided with the Dawnguard, it can be found on a shelf next to the alchemy lab during the quest Ancient Power at Movarth's Lair (V5 only).

If the player sided with the Dawnguard, it can be found on a small circular table in a room with benches during the quest Ancient Power at Pinemoon Cave (V5 only).

If the player sided with the Dawnguard, it can be found on a table next to the chest during the quest Ancient Power at Broken Fang Cave (V5 only).

Heads Display (requires BadGremlin's Trophy Heads)

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