The Hall of Oddities is located in the East Exhibit Halls to the left of the lower level of the Hall of Heroes and features display cases for "odd" or special artifacts, weapons and shields. The display in the middle of the room is 'The Spoils of Adventure' and will show up after 300 displays in the gallery.

The oddities room gives access to the Vigilant, Skyrim's Unique Treasures, Great JarhuntWyrmstooth, Artifacts of Skyrim and Interesting NPCs displays if you have the mods and their patches loaded.

Below is a list of all displays.


Left of Doorway

HOOSSE left.png
Roggi's Ancestral Shield (replica)
Shagrol's Warhammer (replica)
Poacher's Axe
Hjalti's Sword (replica)
Angi's Bow
The Woodsman's Friend

Right of Doorway

HOOSSE right.png
Hrolfdir's Shield (replica)
Alessandra's Dagger (replica)
Headsman's Axe
Balgruuf's Greatsword (replica)
Queen Freydis's Sword (replica)
Dravin's Bow (replica)
Amren's Family Sword (replica)


HOOSSE picks.png
Ancient Nordic Pickaxe
Notched Pickaxe

Glass Cases

Jade Case

HOOSSE jade.png
Jade Priest
Jade Skull
Jade Palace
Jade Dragon 3
Jade Dragon 4
Jade Dragon 2
Jade Dragon 5
Jade Dragon 1
Jade Warrior 1
Jade Lady
Jade Warrior 2
Jade Elder

Deck Case

Deck of Fortune
Deck of Mystics
Deck of Shadows
Deck of Spiders
Deck of Travellers
Deck of Arms
Deck of Builders
Deck of Demons
Deck of Draconians
Deck of Walls

Coins Case (Side 1)

Akaviri Royal Seal
Summerset Royal Mark
Valenwood Brass Star Coin
Valenwood Cobalt Star Coin
Akaviri Dragon Silver Piece
Akaviri Dragon Gold Piece
Akaviri Dragon Bronze Piece
Atmoran Bronze Seal
Dominion Bronze Piece
Mage's Guild Copper Seal
High Rock Copper Crown
High Rock Bronze Crown
High Rock Gold Crown
High Rock Silver Crown

Coin Case (Side 2)

Old Man's Lucky Coin
Potema Silver Piece
Potema Gold Piece
Potema Copper Piece
Dwemer Copper Mark
Dwemer Platinum mark
Akaviri Brass Token
Atmoran Kingmaker Mark
Whiterun Gold Proof
Whiterun Silver Proof
Ancient Khajiit Bronze Piece
Hammerfell Steel Coin
Merethic Copper Dragonmark
Merethic Gold Dragonmark
Merethic Silver Dragonmark

Misc. Case 1

HOOSSE misc1.png
Ice's Stalhrim Spoon of Assassination
Draw Knife
Curious Silver Mold(replica)
Michaela's Flagon
The Dancer's Pipe
Worn Out Rock Hammer
Ysgramor's Soup Spoon
Scales of Pitiless Justice
Horn of Jurgen Windcaller(replica)
Bloodstone Chalice
Wylandriah's Spoon(replica)

Dibella Case

HOOSSE dibella.png
Ornate Dibella Statue
King Orgnum's Coffer (replica)
Dibella Statue x10

Misc. Case 2

HOOSSE misc2.png
Imperial War Horn
Philter of the Phantom
Torygg's War Horn
The White Phial
Torc of Labyrinthian
Saerek's Skull Key
Torsten's Skull Key
Tolfdir's Alembic
Pest Poison
Balbus's Fork
Weystone Focus
Death Hound Collar
Aretino Family Heirloom

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