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Initially made with materials found while digging in archaeological dig sites.


A replica option is available at the Replica Station while the item is in your inventory.

Crafting recipes

Archaeology Station:
Archaeology skill requirement: 75

  • 70 Fragment: Nordic
  • 1 Fragment: Dwemer Keystone

Replica Station:


  • Haldriin, along with Korthor and Vosis, is notable for not having a corresponding dragon priest in Skyrim. All were introduced in Elder Scrolls: Online.
    • Haldriin was the Priest that ruled over Bleackrock Isle, off the coast of Solstheim, perhaps being why his is the only mask to feature the alternate model introduced in the Dragonborn DLC. In ESO he has already been vanquished, explaining why his mask must be remade instead of found. [1]
  • Haldriin is the only Dragon Priest mask the player explicitly creates, whereas the other masks are either found in a chest (Korthor, Vosis), obtained through an event (Konahrik), or taken from defeated Dragon Priests (every other mask).
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