Hagar is a Nord mage who will patrol Deepholme. When first entering Deepholme after 'The Vaults of Deepholme' has been completed, he will talk to you about the Society Guard and give a set of Explorer's Guild armor.

His name is based on the character Hagen from Der Ring des Nibelungen, where he is the half-brother of Ger'trune and Gunther.


Combat and Behavior Skills

NOTE: Hagar normally does not carry a weapon. For close combat it is advisable to give him one in case he runs out of magicka.

Stats at level 100
Health 875
Magicka 710
Stamina 50
Light Armor 15
Heavy Armor 20
Sneak 100
One-Handed 20
Two-Handed 15
Archery 15
Block 20
Alteration 100
Conjuration 100
Destruction 100
Restoration 100
Illusion 15
Enchanting 15
Speech 15
Lockpicking 15
Alchemy 15
Smithing 15
Pickpocket 15



Quote Condition
Divines smile on you, friend. Standard
Keep your hands to yourself. While in sneak mode next to him
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