Overview page for guides to make a relic hunters life easier.

Relic Hunter Guide Please keep in mind these three rules when playing Legacy of the Dragonborn in order to guarantee the most stable experience possible:

1) Do not add or remove mods after starting a playthrough.

2) Do not use console commands unless instructed to do so by a developer.

3) Save your game regularly using hard saves.

1) Write down the order you should do quests to prevent any items being missed (check the Missable Items list below).

2) Do not let any named non-essential NPCs die beyond scripted or mandatory deaths. Many NPCs are needed for quests and if they die, their quests and therefore any items that would be obtained during them also become unavailable. For example, after a dragon attack use the Detect Dead Spell to check if any NPC died, if they did, reload a previous save.

3) Frequently return to Auryen and do the Finder's Keepers and Research Project Quests as much as possible, but do beware if they send you to an area that would ruin the order you made on point 1. Either ask Auryen for a new relic or load a previous save (in the case of Research Project).

4) Due to the nature of Legacy of the Dragonborn, a follower is strongly advised to carry extra items and/or other materials you may need. Items, Powers and Skill perks that increase carry weight are also advised.

5) Frequently visit Blacksmiths to obtain weapons, armor and/or materials to fill out the Armory.

6) Once accessible frequently visit the Arcanaeum for rare books to fill out the Library.

7) Level up your Pickpocketing Skill Tree as fast as possible for perks like Extra Pockets, Misdirection and Perfect Touch as well as the Poisoned Perk to be able to use a trick to get items that are too valuable and therefore normally would always have a 0% chance to pickpocket.

8) Obtain the Malrus' Codex as soon as possible, it gives many benefits to supported mods like Skyrim Unique Treasures, Aetherial Weapons and Armor and Fossil Mining.

9) If you have the Fossil Mining Mod, periodically visit the hot springs area in the Eastmarch hold and mine the 10 fossil excavations sites scattered throughout the area, each guarantees 2 fossils minimum and a decent chance at the rarest fossils (takes 30 in-game days to respawn).

Unique Treasure Chests There are 20 chests scattered across Skyrim of which 2 are inaccessible with the Legacy version. Some chests are buried under dirt mounds which needs to be dug out before the chest can be accessed.

The Wheels of Lull - Bugs Workaround This page is a Troubleshooting guide with ways to solve some problems with The Wheels of Lull mod.

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