Looted from Sir Torolf in the Church of Arkay.

Crafting Recipe

After Sir Torolf has been defeated, the greatsword can be crafted an an Anvil of Zenithar using the following materials:


  • Requires Vigilant.
  • Not to be confused with the Sword of Anui-El. Only the Greatsword is accepted by the display.
  • The latest update features "Weapon Arts", unique powers available while the weapon is equipped, for select weapons added by Vigilant. The Greatsword bestows the "Dragonfire" power, which unleashes a powerful flame cloak that does extra damage to undead and dispels summons at the cost of 200 Magicka.


Sir Torolf in the Church of Arkay


  • Sir Torolf was one of the original Knights of the Nine who fought and fell in the War of the Red Diamond. His ghost can be encountered in the Oblivion 'Knights of the Nine' expansion.
  • Anui-el is the Aldmeri deity of life and soul, considered the positive counterpart to Sithis.
  • Sir Torolf's armor heavily resembles that of the Soul of Cinder, the final boss of 'Dark Souls III'. The Soul of Cinder's sword, the Firelink Greatsword is identical to the Greatsword of Anui-El.
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