If you have the Great JarHunt by BadGremlin installed, you will get access to this room in the Hall of Oddities.

The location of each jar can be found below, starting with the jars to the left of the entrance. Most of the jars are added by Great JarHunt, but Legacy also adds some jars that can be displayed here.

Left side

Great jar hunt 01
Top shelf
Honeybee Jar Giant in a Jar TES Logo Jar FSM Falmer
Bottom shelf
Mistress of the Dead Pegasus Blackreach Mushrooms Killer Tree Wooly Mammoth


Great jar hunt 02
Top shelf
Dwemer Junk Dragon in a Jar Olbaid Trapped Demon Dead Fairy
Bottom shelf
Mudcrab in a Jar Cliffracer Butterfly Tree Angel of Death Alduin

Right side

Great jar hunt 03
Top shelf
Ship 1 Ship 2 Ship 3 Dark Ship Scarecrow Goblin
Bottom shelf
Troll Jar Spriggan Spiders Feast Slaughterfish in a Jar Jar of Skulls

The Mus-tard-jar, which can be found in The Midden, does not have a display in the museum, but with a mod like Jaxonz Positioner, you can place it in the museum yourself. It will not count as a display though, it is purely cosmetic.

SPOILER list - How to get all items

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