Hall of Attainment, College of Winterhold on the second floor on the dining table.


18th of Morning Star, 4E 201

Finally I was able to lay my hands on a copy of the obscure Poem of Tohan. Written by none other than the Nerevarine, they say! This will be a great help for my research into this forgotten hero. I might just skip some classes tomorrow so I can study the Poem! I can barely contain my excitement! Tonight I'll start with transcriptions of the most noteworthy parts of the Poem. And tomorrow I should also start making some new notes for my research. So much to do!

19th of Morning Star, 4E 201

Near the end of the Poem of Tohan there is account of how the Helm was laid to rest in a safe place. Apparently the Nerevarine decided to hide the Helm where no other man could misuse its powers. If only I could find this artifact so I could prove that Tohan really existed! If only his descendants were still alive on this day. I'd have so many questions... It would make everything so much easier. That such an amazing individual got lost in the seas of time is unfathomable. His name is worth remembering, and I fear the artifact is all that is left of his legacy.

20th of Morning Star, 4E 201

I stayed up all night reading and re-reading the Poem and I think I’m on to something! Hints are given to the location of the Helm's resting place within the Poem! There are vague descriptions of the location, clues spread throughout the Poem. My weary eyes may have missed something so I will re-read the Poem again in the morning. I hope the clues will give me some concrete information to work with.

22th of Morning Star, 4E 201

I have studied the lines and have come to the conclusion that the Helm might be hidden here in Skyrim! The Poem clearly speaks of a location in frost and ice. A cave, or dungeon. There are further hints, describing the cave as deep. Very deep! A watery grave is mentioned. Someplace along the coast. The cold north. A guardian is also mentioned. He carries the key in his mind's eye. What could this mean? The place was protected? Is it still? I'm sure the location is here in Skyrim but there are hundreds of caves and tombs! Even along the coastline. Tomorrow I’ll visit the library to see if I can find any sources on caves and dungeons in Skyrim. There must have been at least one adventurer who would have penned down his account after discovering a place like that! Or at least I hope... It won't be easy. And I could of course be completely off. It's nothing more than a guess, but my gut tells me I'm on the right track.

23th of Morning Star, 4E 201

The lock on the diary was opened. The pages were stirred. I've not told anybody how close I am to finding the Helm and now it seems somebody is getting curious. I suspect it's Nirya! She's always been asking too many questions. I should keep the journal on me at all times from now on.

The last page of the book is torn out.


Hall of Attainment

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