A Thalmor Assassin, sent to dispatch Rakis the Khajiit.


Ganllon is a mysterious Thalmor Assassin who is stowed away on the Dev Aveza during the It Belongs In a Museum quest - if Moonpaths to Elsweyr SSE is not installed.

Rakis travels to Skyrim on the Dev Aveza, an airship that had been stolen from the Thalmor. Rakis is unaware that Silinorin has concealed himself on board, due to his apparent competency in Illusion magic - being able to maintain the Invisibility spell for a lot longer than most mages.

He is tasked with collecting the Staff of Indarys, though it is unclear if the Khajiit had it first or had stolen it from the Thalmor.

Past life

From the brief interaction with Ganllon, we know he was serving in the province of Elsweyr with the Thalmor who are trying to wipe out the Khajiit resistance.

He may have been a commander or an officer aboard the Dev Aveza airship before it was liberated by the Khajiit, including Rakis.


  • If the player has installed Moonpaths to Elsweyr SSE, Ganllon is an unused character. He can be found standing idle in the utility cell, but has no dialogue unless he is being used in the quest.

Quest Involvement

Participates in the Quests:

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