If you have Fossil Mining loaded with Legacy, an extra room will be added below the Gallery of Natural Science to house the fossils found with this mod. The entrance to the room is found by the supplies cabinet in one end of the gallery.


The fossils are divided into different tiers:

Tier One
Adds the most commonly found fossils irl. This is the most common tier of fossils you'll find, ones that any beginner can find easily. This tier includes smaller, more indistinct fossils, such as bone and eggshell fragments and pieces of fossilized coral.

Tier Two
Adds fossils a beginner would have trouble finding on their own, but could easily find sold at a fair price. This tier includes fossilized shells, amber, trilobites and more.

Tier Three
Adds fossils a beginner almost certainly wouldn't find, and would have difficulty finding for sale at an affordable price (unless they're faked!) This tier includes fossilized eggs, skulls, claws, teeth, and more.

Tier Four
This tier is the rarest, comprised of fossils that would be (and are, since they're based on real fossils) considered national treasures if found, and includes large, distinct, unique fossils, such as an entire nest, the well-known Fighting Dinosaurs fossil (here named Fighting Saurians, along with many other renamed fossils, so as to not conflict with lore) and more. You will likely need to mine every ore in vanilla Skyrim for a shot at finding all of these rare fossils.

Crystal Tier
In the geodes found in Blackreach, you may find extra rare crystallized fossils among the normal possibilities. These fossils were crystallized over time and can only be found in geodes (in Blackreach or in the special geodes found in Dragonborn).

Volcanic Tier
When mining heartstone deposits on Solstheim or any mining deposit around the hot springs tundra area of Skyrim, you have a chance of finding a few extra special rare fossils among the normal possibilities.

Volcanic Mining Spots:

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  • Other than the heartstone deposits on Solstheim, these are simply the vanilla mining nodes that due to their location, can grant extra fossils. They are found within the hot springs of Eastmarch, spanning from Kynesgrove to Mistwatch.

Fossil Excavation Sites
These special dig sites can be found around the tundra hot springs and will yield 2 guaranteed fossil drops each time they are found; one on Tier 1 or above and one on Tier 2 or above. These very rare spots will also refresh after 30 in-game days to allow further digging.


A fossil excavation site.

Fossil Excavation Site Spots:

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Only 10 exist within the Eastmarch hot springs:

Below is a list of all displays from outer to inner, left to right.

Wall-aligned Displays

Fossil Mining Display Group 1

Display Group 1

Gulping Fish Fossil (Tier Three)
Small Saurian Fossil (Tier Three)
Gliding Saurian Fossil (Tier Three)
Small Primitive Cliffracer Fossil (Tier Three)
Venomous Feathered Saurian Fossil (Tier Three)
Ancient Horse Fossil (Drowned Ancient Horse Fossil) (Volcanic Tier)
Young Primitive Horse Fossil (Primitive Horse Fossil) (Tier Three)
Crystallized Scale Impression (Crystal Tier)
Crystallized Beetle Fossil (Crystal Tier)
Opalized Grass (Crystal Tier)
Crystallized Shell (Crystal Tier)
Crystallized Ammonite Fossil (Crystal Tier)
Crystallized Tooth (Crystal Tier)

Fossil Mining Display Group 2

Display Group 2

Primitive Deer Fossil (Tier Three)
Ancient Cliffracer Fossil (Tier Four)
Fossilized Clutch (Tier Three)

Fossil Mining Colossal Crocodile Display

Colossal Crocodile Display

Colossal Crocodile Fossil (Tier Three)

Fossil Mining Display Group 3

Display Group 3

Large Reptile Fossil (Tier Three)
Frilled Saurian Fossil (Tier Four)
Longfish Fossil (Tier Three)
Bird-Hipped Saurian Fossil (Tier Three)
Ancient Lizard Fossil (Tier Four)

Fossil Mining Display Group 4

Display Group 4

Fossilized Shoal (Tier Two)
Feathered Fossil (Tier Four)
Primitive Hedgehog Fossil (Tier Two)
Fern Fossil (Tier Two)
Primitive Squirrel Fossil (Tier Three)
Carnivorous Mammal Fossil (Tier Three)
Ancient Mammal Fossil (Tier Three)
Fossilized Bone Fragment (Tier One)

Fossil Mining Spearmouth Displays

Spearmouth Display

Ancient Spearmouth (Facing Right) (Tier Four)
Ancient Spearmouth (Facing Left) (Tier Three)

Fossil Mining Display Group 5

Display Group 5

Fossilized Footprint (Tier Three)
Fossilized Sea Bed (Tier Two)
Small Reptile Fossil (Tier Three)
Fossilized Fish (Tier Three)
Tiny Fish Fossil (Tier One)
Dragonfly Fossil (Tier Two)
Palm Flower and Fish Fossil (Tier Two)
Small Plated Saurian Fossil (Tier Three)
Fallen Leaves Fossil (Tier Three)
Fossilized Skull (Tier Three)

Fossil Mining Display Group 6

Display Group 6

Swimming Lizard Fossil (Tier Two)
Ancient Horse Fossil (Volcanic Tier)
Fighting Saurians Fossil (Tier Four)
Bipedal Mammal Fossil (Tier Three)
Incomplete Saurian Fossil (Tier Three)
Large Cliffracer Fossil (Tier Three)

Fossil Mining Display Group 7

Display Group 7

Complete Saurian Fossil (Volcanic Tier)
Tyrant Lizard Fossil (Tier Four)

Fossil Mining Display Group 8

Display Group 8

Fossil Rock (Tier One)
Fossilized Nest (Tier Four)
Petrified Wood
Small Fossilized Stem (Tier One)
Small Fossilized Coral (Tier One)
Amber (Tier Two)
Fossilized Nautilus Shell (Fossilized Shell) (Tier Two)
Ammonite Fossil (Tier Two)
Fossilized Egg (Tier Three)

Fossil Mining Display Group 9

Display Group 9

Giant Dragonfly Fossil (Tier Three)
Darkwing Fossil (Tier Three)
Incomplete Fossil (Tier Two)
Small Feathered Saurian Fossil (Tier Three)
Ancient Bird Fossil (Tier Three)
Feathered Saurian Fossil (Tier Three)
Primitive Birds Fossils (Tier Three)
Fossilized Tooth (Tier Three)
Fossilized Eggshell (Tier One)
Fossilized Claw (Tier Three)
Embedded Small Trilobite (Fossilized Trilobite) (Tier Two)
Embedded Small Trilobite Fossil (Tier Two)
Fossilized Bird Print (Tier One)
Fossilized Shark Tooth (Tier One)
Small Fossilized Sabre Cat Print (Tier One)

Center Displays

Fossil Mining Floor Display

Floor Display

Ancient Carnivore Fossil (Tier Four)
Sea Creature Fossil (Tier Three)
Large Beaked Saurian Fossil (Tier Four)
Duck-Billed Saurian Fossil (Volcanic Tier)
River Crocodile Fossil (Tier Three)
Primitive Amphibian Fossil (Tier Four)

Fossil Mining Wooden Display Stand 1.1
Fossil Mining Wooden Display Stand 1.2

Wooden Display Stand 1

Redwood Tree Leaf Fossil (Tier Two)
Squashed Bird Fossil (Tier Three)
Ancient Turtle Fossil (Tier Three)
Wading Bird Fossil (Tier Three)
Primitive Mammal Fossil (Tier Three)
Ancient Woodpecker Fossil (Tier Two)
Ancient Swift Fossil (Tier Two)
Cliffracer Fledgeling Fossil (Tier Three)
Well-Preserved Saurian Fossil (Volcanic Tier)
Early Avian Fossil (Tier Three)
Proto-Bird Fossil (Tier Three)
Conifer Branch Fossil (Tier Two)

Fossil Mining Wooden Display Stand 2.1
Fossil Mining Wooden Display Stand 2.2

Wooden Display Stand 2

Crested Avian Fossil (Tier Two)
Diving Bird Fossil (Tier Two)
Primitive Shrew Fossil (Tier Two)
Cyrilavis (Small Bird Fossil) (Tier Two)
Fossilized Fish (Small Fish Fossil) (Tier Two)
Horseshoe Crab Fossil (Tier Two)
Primitive Alligator Fossil (Tier Three)
Mummified Bird Fossil (Tier Three)
Ancient Alligator Fossil (Tier Three)
Bat Fossil (Tier Three)
Bony Fish Fossil (Tier Two)
Sprawled Bird Fossil (Tier Two)

Fossil Mining Wooden Display Stand 3.1
Fossil Mining Wooden Display Stand 3.2

Wooden Display Stand 3

Bee Fossil (Tier One)
Ray-finned Fish Fossil (Tier Two)
Fossilized Feather (Tier Two)
Young Primitive Horse Fossil (Tier Three)
Ancient Sail Fish Fossil (Tier Two)
Seahorse Fossil (Tier Two)
Grass Fossil (Tier One)
Small Plant Fossil (Tier One)
Woodland Bird Fossil (Tier Two)
Flying Fish Fossil (Tier Three)
Extinct Bat Fossil (Tier Two)
Frog Fossil (Tier Two)
Giant Moth Fossil (Tier Two)
Giant Insect Wing Fossil (Tier Two)
Ancient Tree Leaf Fossil (Tier Two)
Flower Fossil (Tier Two)

Fossil Mining Dragon Welp Display

Dragon Welp Display

Dragon Welp Fossilized Skeleton (Fossilized Dragon Skeleton) (Tier Three)

Fossil Mining Wooden Display Stand 4.1
Fossil Mining Wooden Display Stand 4.2

Wooden Display Stand 4

Primitive Cliffracer Fossil (Tier Three)
Colorful Bird Fossil (Tier Three)
Beetle Fossil (Tier One)
Hatchling Bird Fossil (Tier Three)
Cricket Fossil (Tier One)
Swimming Reptile Fossil (Tier Two)
Primitive Bat Fossil (Tier Two)
Climbing Reptile Fossil (Tier Three)
Moss Fossil (Tier Two)
Shrimp Fossil (Tier One)
Two-Headed Lizard Fossil (Tier Four)
Spoonwing Fossil (Tier Two)
Juvenile Bird Fossil (Tier Two)
Redwood Tree Cone Fossil (Tier Two)
Swimming Ray-finned Fish Fossil (Tier Two)
Starfish Fossil (Tier One)
Giant Wasp Fossil (Tier One)

SPOILER list - How to get all items

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All fossils are found randomly when mining. The only exceptions are the Fossilized Dragon Skeleton, which is crafted from eight fossils at a forge, and Petrified Wood, which is only obtainable through console.

  • Tier 1-4 fossils can be found when mining all types of ore deposits.
  • Crystal tier can only be found when mining in Blackreach and Dragonborn locations.
  • Volcanic tier can only be found when mining heartstone deposits on Solstheim and the ore deposits around the tundra hot springs area of Skyrim.

Tier One:

Tier Two:

Tier Three:

Tier Four:

Crystal Tier:

Volcanic Tier:

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