After buying the upgrade from Bits and Pieces in Solitude, you can set up the back room for your followers.

Using this option excludes the Children's Room!

You'll get three beds for follower's with a comfy room with a bar and an armory. 

Followers need a mod like My home is your home or have the ability to move in on their own (for mod added followers) in order to accept the place as a home. Not all followers are capable of moving in.  


If you have Legacy of the Dragonborn - Follower's Patch and any number of the follower mods Inigo, Song of the Green, Kaidan 2 and M'rissi's Tails of Troubles , displays will be added to the Follower's Room. Some furniture and decorations will be added from the start. Several display slots will be added when a mod follower is recruited. Depending on how the mod plays out, additional display slots and quest displays may be added later.

If you have Legacy Safehouse Plus, you will need to buy the 'Follower's Room A' upgrade at Bits and Pieces for this to work.

Kaidan display

Kaidan display 1.jpg
Present from Kaidan's Son
Carved Talisman
Poetry of Lord Byron: Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3
Ghost Stories of Tamriel: Vol.1, Vol.2
Present from Kaidan's Daughter
Starlight Circlet
Amulet of Silent Flame
Shaman Ring
Kaidan display 2.jpg
Quest display (Painting - activates when Kaidan joins you)
Kaidan's War Bow
Staff of the Deadlands
Kaidan's Nodachi
Blade of Akavir
Old Wooden Sword
Deadland Temple Talisman
Kaidan display 3.jpg
Akaviri Targe
Kaidan's Armor
Kaidan's Bracers
Kaidan's Boots

Song of the Green display

Song of the Green display.jpg
Bone Arrows
Auri's Bow
Quest display (Painting - activates when <info needed>)
A Bosmeri Sleeping Song
The Spinners of Y'ffre
The Eldest: A Pilgrim's Tale
The Green Pact And The Dominion
The Wilderking Legend
The Ooze: A Fable
War Customs of the Tribal Bosmer

Inigo display

Inigo display.jpg
Da Vinci's Journal
Mr Dragonfly
Snow Thrush Egg
Muffle Tongue Necklace
Inigo's Ebony Bow
Quest displays - Inigo's Trophy x3 and Langley's Artwork

(activate at the completion of 'Bad Vibrations')

In Search of a Champion: Vol.1, Vol.2
Inigo the Brave
The Power of Whistling
Inigo's Journal

M'rissi's Tails of Troubles display

M'rissi's Tails of Troubles display.jpg
Quest display - M'rissi's clothes

(activates when <info needed>)

Bow for M'rissi
Amulet of Protection
Unusual Ring
Displacer Ring
Your Kinship Amulet or Your Soulmate Ring
M'rissi's Kinship Amulet or M'rissi Soulmate Ring
Dagger for M'rissi
M'rissi's Collar
Khajiit Skull
Sweetened Milk
Isael's Casebook
Sketch (1), Sketch (2), Torn Sketch (3), Sketch (4)
Torn Sketch (5), Sketch (6), Torn Sketch (7)


  • Some of these items are mutually exclusive. You can NOT display all items (as shown in the screenshot) without cheating.
  • Several of the items require the player to perform a specific action before they even meet M'rissi for the first time.
You need to save the Khajiit woman S'ahara from a Thalmor patrol when you encounter them on the road near Western Watchtower.

Bar display

Static display - Jagga (requires Song of the Green)
Spicy dried meat (requires M'rissi's Tails of Troubles)
Summerset Seafood soup (requires M'rissi's Tails of Troubles)
Summerset Vegetable stew (requires M'rissi's Tails of Troubles)
Elsweyr Lucum (requires M'rissi's Tails of Troubles)
Summerset Black wine (requires M'rissi's Tails of Troubles)
Dragon Pie (requires Inigo)

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