Ezra is an essential NPC of the 'Shattered Legacy' quest, and is a member of the Guardians. She can be found in Fort Pale Pass West Tower, from where the player needs to escort her to the camp at the Emblem X on the 7000 Steps.

Although she has a fixed level of 0, she can be a superb follower because of her strong spells like Ice Storm. She can't be killed.




'Shattered Legacy', the third Guardian you're speaking to.

Combat and Behavior Skills

Stats at level 0
Health 150
Magicka 200
Stamina 25
One-Handed 15
Two-Handed 15
Archery 25
Block 15
Smithing 15
Heavy Armor 15
Light Armor 20
Pickpocket 20
Lockpicking 20
Sneak 20
Alchemy 20
Speech 15
Alteration 15
Conjuration 15
Destruction 15
Illusion 15
Restoration 15
Enchanting 15

Known spells and perks

  • Close Wounds
  • Fast Healing
  • Frost Cloak
  • Ice Spike
  • Ice Storm
  • Ironflesh
  • Ward


WARNING: Contains major spoilers for 'Shattered Legacy'.


- Hold on, stay right there!


- You're with those kettle head soldiers aren't you? No? Oh no, you're one of... THEM! Get away from me!

Calm down, I’m here to help you!

- Likely story assassin! you just keep your distance

Really, Argus sent me.

- Or so you say... I'll tell you what. You get me out of this place and to High Hrothgar and MAYBE I'll trust your story, assuming Argus is there just get me there safely and then we can talk.


- I'm still following you, but I'm keeping my eye on you. We better get to Argus soon.



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