Museum Curator

Auryen Morellus

Auryen 2

The museum curator. He is the one who greets you inside the museum when you first enter. See more >

Explorer's Society Guild



Female imperial who acts as the Guild's quartermaster. See more >

Professor Patero Marassi


An older Wood Elf and a former colleague of Auryen. He had been considered the chief Relic Hunter until the Dragonborn came along. After his recruitment, he becomes the chief of Archaeology. See more >

Kyre Oldenson


A former Nord miner. See more >



Dark elf with an almost unhealthy obsession with the Dwemer. He often suggests throwing out the Nordic relics to make more space for dwemer ones. Otherwise harmless.

See more >



A female Kahjiit who has dropped out of the mages college but still has a passion for academics.

While she is at the Explorer's Society Guild House, she offers the radiant quest 'One Man's Junk' to turn ruined and burned books into scrolls, maps and rare books. See more >

Fafnir the Racoon


Joins the explorers guild after the 'Excavation of Windcaller Pass'. See more >



Small dwemer thing that has been trapped in the Sepulcher room. See more >

Society Guards

Avram Shazir

Avram shazir pre deepholme

Avram is the museum guard and will spawn in the Hall of Heroes once you have 175 display.

After the completion of 'The Vaults of Deepholme', he will become the "boss" of the Explorer's Society Guards. See more >

The following five NPCs make up the Society Guard and are recruited at the end of 'The Vaults of Deepholme'.

They guard Deepholme and its surroundings and can also be taken as followers.



Hagar is a Nord mage who will patrol Deepholme. When first entering Deepholme after 'The Vaults of Deepholme' has been completed, he will talk to you about the Society Guard and give a set of Explorer's Guild armor.

His name is based on the character Hagen from Der Ring des Nibelungen, where he is the half-brother of Ger'trune and Gunther. See more >



Orc warrior patrolling Deepholme.

His name is based on the character Gunther from Der Ring des Nibelungen, where he is the brother of Ger'trune. See more >



Female Argonian archer patrolling Deepholme.

Her name is based on the character Gutrune from Der Ring des Nibelungen, where she is the sister of Gunther. See more >



Patrols the Museum after The Vaults of Deepholme is completed.

Her name is based on the character Sieglinde from Der Ring des Nibelungen where she is the twin sister of Siegmund. See more >



Patrols the Museum afer the completion of The Vaults of Deepholme.

His name is based on the character Siegmund from Der Ring des Nibelungen where he is the twin brother of Sieglinde. See more >

Field Station members


Eringoth NPC

Male wood elf manning the East Field Station. He shares his shop with Eriana, Egriss and Yolanda. See more >


Egriss NPC

Male dark elf manning the North Field Station. See more >


Yolanda NPC

Female imperial manning the West Field Station. See more >

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